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October 11, 2011

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

STATE OF WYOMING         )                                                                                   LANDER, WYOMING

                                                ) ss.                OFFICE OF THE FREMONT COUNTY COMMISSIONERS

COUNTY OF FREMONT      )                                                                                              October 11, 2011

The Board of Fremont County Commissioners met in Regular Session at 9:00 a.m. with the following members present:  Chairman Douglas L. Thompson, Keja Whiteman, Dennis Christensen and Travis Becker. County Clerk and Clerk of the Board Julie A. Freese was present for the meeting.  Vice-Chairman Pat Hickerson was absent for personal reasons.

Travis Becker moved, Dennis Christensen seconded, to approve the Agenda, as amended.  Motion carried unanimously.   

Dennis Christensen moved, Keja Whiteman seconded, to approve the Minutes of the Regular Meeting held October 4, 2011.  Motion carried unanimously.  Chairman Thompson stated he would like to send a letter to the City of Riverton affirming the Commissioner’s motion of September 27, 2011 allowing pari-mutual betting in Riverton, with the intent of the Board that the City of Riverton would discuss the issue in open session regarding the site and subject of the pari-mutual betting.

Travis Becker moved, Keja Whiteman seconded, to accept the bills for payment, as presented. Motion carried unanimously.

Vendor Name

Department Name

Invoice Description

Invoice Cost

A. D. Martin Lumber, Co.




Ace Hardware-Lander




Ace Hardware-Riverton

Co Buildings – Admin



Airgas Intermountain, Inc




ATCO International

Vehicle Maintenance



B & T Fire Extinguishers Inc

Co Buildings/Ambulance

Extinguisher Services


B I, Inc


Monthly Charges


Bailey Enterprises, Inc

County Sheriff

Fuel,Parts,Supplies & Services


Baldwin Creek Rental Center


Equipment Rental


Best Western/Sheridan Center

Agriculture Dept



Big Horn Water




Bill’s Quality Auto Glass

Vehicle Maintenance

Windshield Replacement


Bloedorn Lumber-Lander


Materials,Supplies & Equipment


Bloedorn Lumber-Riverton

Library Energy Retrofit

Materials & Supplies


Bob Barker Company, Inc


Inmate Supplies


Bull’s Service & Towing LLC

Vehicle Maintenance



Capital Business Systems, Inc


Supplies & Maintenance Contract


Cardinal Health


Inmate Medical Supplies



County Sheriff

Telephone Charges


Communication Technologies, Inc

Homeland Sec/Dispatch Ctr Equip

Radio Equipment


Crescent Sales

County Coroner



Dave’s Asphalt, Inc


Cold Mix


Davidson, Lora L

Juvenile Treatment Court

Reimburse Expenses


Delta Rigging & Tools, Inc.




Division of Criminal Investigation

County Coroner

Background Check


Dowie,Ed PAC


Inmate Medical


Dubois Hardware, Co

County Sheriff



Eagle Uniform & Supply, Co

Vehicle Maintenance



Eaton Sales & Service, LLC

Fuel Facility

Parts & Supplies


First Interstate Bank


Credit Card Expenses


Fleetpride Inc

Vehicle Maintenance



Frank, Vikkilyn

Juvenile Drug Court

Reim. Expenses


Fremont Chevrolet GMC

Vehicle Mtce/Capital Revol Fund



Fremont Counseling-Lander

Health & Welfare

Title 25


Globalstar USA

Search & Rescue

Satellite Phone Service


Good Place, The

County Sheriff




Co Buildings



Hammer Electronics

Agriculture Dept

Computer Supplies


Harris, Mark O

County Coroner

Reim. Mileage & Meal


Hasco Industrial Supply

Vehicle Maintenance

Parts & Supplies


High Plains Power, Inc

Co Buildings/Ambulance



Hoffman Electric

Vehicle Maintenance

Electrical Supplies


Hudak, Jere

Co Clerk/Elections

Courier Service


Huff, Sherry M

Fremont Co WIC

Reim. Meal Expenses


Intermountain Electric Service, Inc

Co Buildings – Admin

Electrical Services


Intoximeters, Inc


Inmate Supplies


John Deere Financial

Vehicle Mtce/Ambulance







Lander Valley Medical Center


Inmate Medical


Lander, City of

Co Buildings/Ambulance

Water & Sewer


Lander’s Main St Car Wash LLC

County Sheriff

Wash Time


Linton’s Big R Store

Co Sheriff/Jail

Uniform Supplies


Lloyd Nielson, Inc

Vehicle Maintenance

Parts & Supplies


Main Street Books

Juvenile Drug Court

Educational Materials


Majerus, Katherine N.  LLC

County Sheriff

Employee Psychological


McDonald Body Shop & Towing, Inc

Abandoned Vehicle

Towing & Services


Media Works, Inc

Juvenile Drug Court

Computer Supplies


Medoff, Leonard B, Ph. D.


Psychological Testing


Mid-Valley General Contractors

Riverton County Court-Remodel

Contractual Fees


Moore Medical, LLC


Medical Supplies


Municipal Emergency Services




Napa Auto Parts-Lander

Co Buildings – Admin

Parts & Supplies


Noble Medical, Inc

County Sheriff

Drug Testing Supplies


Norco, Inc

Co Buildings/Ambulance



Office Shop, The

Clerk of District Court



O’Reilly Automotive, Inc

Co Buildings – Admin

Equipment & Supplies


Palace Pharmacy


Inmate Rx’s


Pavillion, Town of

Co Buildings – Admin



PF Distribution Center, Inc

County Coroner

Safety Devices


Popo Agie Women’s Clinic


Inmate Medical


Pro-Chem Industrial, Inc


Laundry Supplies


Public Agency Training Council

County Sheriff



Quick-Set Auto Glass

Vehicle Maintenance



Quill Corporation


Office Supplies


R C Lock & Key

Co Buildings/Juvenile Treatment Ct

Keys,Supplies & Services


Red Canyon Auto Parts LLC

Co Buildings – Jail



Rocky Mountain Applicators, Inc

Co Buildings – Admin

Install Roofing System


Shoshoni Pioneer

County Elections



Skaggs Companies, Inc

County Sheriff



Snider, Yvonne

VOCA Grant – Sheriff

Reim. Mileage & Expenses


Snow King Resort




South Dakota LTAP




Sweetwater Aire LLC

Co Buildings – Admin

Parts & Supplies


Tilton,Kathleen H

District Court

Court Appointed Representation


Tyler Technologies, Inc

County Clerk



Western Detention Products

Co Buildings – Jail



Western Printing, Inc

County Assessor

Printed Supplies


Whiteman, Keja

County Commission



Wilkerson, James A, Iv, MD PC

County Coroner



Woodworkers Supply, Inc

Co Buildings – Admin



Wy Dept of Transportation

Vehicle Mtc/Country Acres Rd

Plates/Local Share


Wy Law Enforcement Academy

County Sheriff



Wyoming Dept of Transportation




Wyoming Waste Systems

Co Buildings/Ambulance

Trash Removal


Total Bills Presented


Keja Whiteman moved, Dennis Christensen seconded, to accept a voucher from EBMS in the amount of $64,488.37 for health insurance claims.  Motion carried unanimously.

The following items in the Signature File were reviewed:  1) Abatement Summary cover sheet; and 2) amended Agreement with City of Lander and LOTRA to include Exhibit A “real property”.

A Public Hearing was held at 9:15 a.m., as advertised, to increase the service of process fees from $35.00 to $50.00, as allowed by W.S. § 18-3-608.  Sheriff Hornecker was present.  As there were no comments from the public regarding the proposed increase, Keja Whiteman moved, Dennis Christensen seconded, to approve an increase of the service of process fees to $50.00.  Motion carried unanimously.

Sheriff Hornecker proceeded to review September daily Detention statistics of 142 inmates in house, 179 total and 20 housed out of County.  This is compared to one year age of 153 in house, 199 total and 15 housed out of county.  Seventy-four inmates (55 in house, 19 out of facility) of the total 184 on the roster are sentenced. There were 290 intakes recorded in September.  The 911 Communications Center has one position open.  One officer is taking training at the Academy and CPR training is scheduled later in the fall.  Three employees will be attending the 11th Annual Wyoming Association of Public Safety Communications Officials Chapter Meeting in November.  Lt. Carl Freeman reviewed the Lander low lever transmitters that are under construction (photos distributed).  They expressed a special thanks to the Fremont County Road and Bridge Department and Solid Waste Disposal District for assisting with various requests involving dirt work and moving of equipment to the site.  The construction deadline is October 31st

There are currently six open positions in Detention (five certified and one control).  This includes the positions of two deputies recently transferred to Patrol.  Several positions are expected to be filled as applicants are in various stages of the hiring process.  Two Detention deputies are currently attending the Academy with graduation set for October 26th.  Patrol/Law Enforcement is full with the transfer of two Detention deputies.  They will attend the Academy in early 2012.

Sheriff Hornecker reviewed the State Homeland Security Grant Program Emergency Preparedness Grants for the Sheriff’s Office by stating all the grant funding has been expended to date, as shown on a voucher to Com Tech, Inc. for radio equipment.

Commission Whiteman will work with Chairman Thompson regarding the Adult Treatment Court’s request to move all their offices back together.  As of present, the administrative offices are on the top floor of the Courthouse and the remaining staff offices are in the basement.  She attended the Juvenile Detention Act Initiative meeting held the previous week.

Commissioner Becker is working with the County Attorney’s Office to develop a Lease Agreement with the tenant on the newly purchased Major property in Riverton.  He will also meet with the Riverton City Council to discuss the County deeding a portion of the southern property to them, as requested by Mr. Major.

Commissioner Christensen stated he recommended the Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor make a request to the Capital Revolving Committee for a natural gas pumping station.

Chairman Thompson was in Cheyenne last week for several meetings and was able to visit with the Office of State Lands to start the process of obtaining an easement across State land for the Heritage Trail, where part of the bank of the Wind River is eroding.  At this time, it appears the most expeditious manner will be a purchase of non-trust land at an estimated appraised value of $1,400.  While in Cheyenne, the Sage Grouse Implementation Team, for which he is a member, received the Secretary of the Interior’s Conservation Award.  He then traveled to Casper to participate in a sage grouse panel to the BLM National Leadership Committee. Chairman Thompson is working with Ecosystem Research Group representatives regarding information transfer of the BLM’s Resource Management Plan analysis and they are looking at defining scope of work.

Solid Waste Disposal District Chairman Mike McDonald stated the District has been unsuccessful in hiring an accountant.  He suggested the County consider hiring a comptroller to assist the various Boards and Solid Waste District.  Treasurer Scott Harnsberger was present for the discussion.  Harnsberger and Commissioner Whiteman stated they had several names of individuals who might be interested in the District’s position and the comptroller suggestion was not pursued.  In other business, McDonald stated the District has hired a new Superintendent from Minnesota who will begin work on November 1st to replace Don Connell, who is retiring the end of November.

A Public Hearing was held at 10:15 a.m., as advertised, regarding Budget Transfers and Unanticipated Revenues.  Present were County Clerk Julie Freese, Financial Assistant Mike Stalder and Library Director Matt Nojonen.  Freese stated the correct project total for the Carnegie Remodel Project is $564,000, which includes prior contract approval amounts.  Following discussion, Dennis Christensen moved, Keja Whiteman seconded, to approve Resolution 2011-25.  Motion carried unanimously.




SOURCE:               State of Wyoming Department of Transportation

TO:                         Sheriff DUI Grant                                                                                 $14,350

SOURCE:               State of Wyoming Department of Transportation

TO:                         Sheriff Non-DUI Grant                                                                                        $8,389

SOURCE:               Fund Balance Library Excess Sales Tax

TO:                         Library Excess Sales Tax                                                                                     $381,879

SOURCE:               Transfer in from Excess Sales Tax & Friends of the Library                                                        

TO:                         Carnegie Remodel                                                                                                $391,879



FROM:                   Cash Reserve

TO:                         Circuit Court – Lander                                                                                          $3,500

            Dated this 11th day of October, 2011.

                                                                                                                /s/           Douglas L. Thompson, Chairman


/s/           Julie A. Freese, Fremont County Clerk

Riverton Public Works Director Bill Urbigkit briefly joined the meeting to discuss a water line extension.  Transportation Superintendent Dave Pendleton was present.  The REACH Foundation is developing property at the end of College View Drive and Gasser Road and the 12” water line is being installed.  A map was reviewed that showed approximately 20’ of the line will encroach on the newly acquired Major property and Urbigkit stated the City is requesting authorization to utilize that small portion of the County property, at no additional cost to the County.  Travis Becker moved, Dennis Christensen seconded, to approve the water line extension 20’ onto the County property.  Motion carried unanimously. 

Shoshone and Arapaho Transportation Planner John Smith and Howard Brown joined Dave Pendleton to discuss a funding opportunity or the completion of 17 Mile Road.  The Shoshone and Arapaho Joint Business Council are making application for the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Infrastructure Investment (Tiger-3) Discretionary grant.  The distributed a copy of the Memorandum of Understanding for 17 Mile Road, stating the state, county tribes and BIA are in agreement for the reconstruction of 17 Mile Road.  Dennis Christensen moved, Keja Whiteman seconded, to write a letter of support to accompany the Tribe’s Tiger-3 grant application.  Motion carried unanimously.

In other business, John Smith stated the Wilderness Bridge is being considered for federal funding.  He stated the original design had to be lengthened as a result of the recent flooding activity.  He expects a decision by the end of the year for the bridge, which has the lowest deficiency rating in the IRR Road system.  He further stated the Lenore Bridge has been submitted for design funding.  He will review the ownership of Diversion Dam Bridge to determine what inventory list it is on and stated a partnership may be a possibility.  Chevron signs on Trout Creek Road were discussed, as related to recent traffic wrecks.  The cost for each sign is estimated to be $250-$300 and Commissioner Whiteman recommended the County purchase and install as this is a County Road.  Chairman Thompson requested a meeting be scheduled within the next several months to discuss these issues further as well as a long range plan for county and tribal roads.

Transportation Superintendent Dave Pendleton stated further review of the Diversion Dam Bridge indicates a single lane bridge will not be adequate.  Reasoning is the large farming equipment that use the bridge and that the Road Construction Fund Manual will not allow a single lane bridge.  He stated the bridge will need to be 24’ wide and he will refine costs and present them to the Board at a later time.    He is still working on hiring an appraiser for the Mortimore Lane bridge replacement project.   He updated the Board on the Burma Road project where the mag chloride has been applied to the bottom section.  The paving contractor is mobilizing on the 15th and will begin work on the 20th.  Guardrail placement and fencing are taking place now.  Chip sealing and reclamation will take place next spring.  Pendleton requested a couple of Commissioners tour the Atlantic City area in regards to right-of-way issues.

County Coroner Ed McAuslan presented a quarterly report.  There have been 253 recorded deaths for the first ¾ of 2011.  Of these, 53% (135) were coroner cases.  There were 12 more cases this year than this same time last year.  The total of cases “non-natural” in manner is 25% of the total Coroner cases as follows:  Accidental deaths is 17, suicide is 11 and homicide is 15.  There have been 17 vehicular deaths, six more than this time last year.  After 7.5 years without any completed youth suicides (17 and under), September had one, age 14.  Up to this year, Fremont County had a general decline in suicide rate from the high of 18 in 2006, but that trend is over as we are already almost double the total for the whole year of 2010 at 6 suicides.  The number of homicides (15) is the highest total for a year on record, with a quarter of a year left to go.  Drugs and alcohol related deaths for this time frame account for 25% of the Coroner cases, 77% of the non-natural deaths.  The percentage of non-natural deaths is dramatically higher with eight of the 11 motor-vehicle homicides drug/alcohol related.  The third quarter also had two high-altitude search and rescue recoveries, one for a fallen climber and one for an air crash with two fatalities.  Additional budget impact from the two cases is $10,212.86 (climber) and $12,656.43 (air crash) for a total of $22,869.29.  In closing, McAuslan further stated an addition to the report will be a death as a result of high water, with those expenses unknown at this time.  In another issue, McAuslan stated that his Office has expended all funding allocated through the Emergency Preparedness Grant Program through Homeland Security.

Library Director Matt Nojonen presented an Agreement for Architectural Services with Dubbe Moulder Architects, PC for the Carnegie Library rehabilitation project.  The Contract has been reviewed by the County Attorney’s Office.  Said funding adjustments had been approved earlier through the Budget Hearing for Budget Transfers.  Dennis Christensen moved, Travis Becker seconded, to approve the Agreement as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.  Travis Becker moved, Dennis Christensen seconded, to appoint Building Maintenance Supervisor J.R. Oakley as the Project Manager.  Motion carried unanimously.  County Clerk Julie Freese reminded the Board they had developed a policy for off line boards stating all change orders must be approved by the Commissioners in advance of the action.  Keja Whiteman moved, Dennis Christensen seconded, to allow a variance for change orders regarding the Carnegie Rehabilitation Project with the concurrence with the Project Manager and Board Liaison, Dennis Christensen.  Motion carried unanimously.

Deputy County Attorney Jodi Darrough reviewed a United States District Court Complaint with Belinda Igo, Plaintiff vs. nine entities, of which Fremont County Commissioners were named.  She stated the claim will be forwarded to the Local Government Liability Pool for action and informed the Board they felt the claim would be dismissed.

Jodi Darrough was joined by Transportation Superintendent Dave Pendleton to review Condemnation Procedures for Alteration of a Road, in this case, Bunker Road.  They will provide a draft Resolution for the Board’s review that will begin the process.

Chairman Thompson was excused from the remainder of the meeting to travel to Pinedale for another meeting later in the evening.

Commissioner Whiteman presided as Chairman.

Solid Waste Disposal District representatives Mike McDonald, Dale Groutage and Dick Rodgers and Superintendent Don Connell were present, as requested by the Commissioners, to address the Dynamis Energy Waste to Energy proposal for Fremont County.  Also present was the District’s Trihydro consultant, Ken Schreuder. The Solid Waste Board had met the previous day to address the issue and had made the following motion “the Solid Waste Board of Directors do not support an incineration waste-to-energy facility in Fremont County”.  Dr. Groutage followed up their decision with a power point presentation of the District’s reasoning why incineration and waste-to-energy for Fremont County does not make sense; practically, technically or economically.  The Commissioners expressed frustration with the District’s reasoning; however, the County Attorney had earlier clarified that the District has jurisdiction over Fremont County waste.  In other business, Commissioner Whiteman reviewed the earlier distributed Shoshone and Arapaho Tribal Solid Waste Meeting agenda for October 13th at which time Solid Waste District members would be present to discuss transfer stations, legal documents and a plan to move forward.

County Clerk Julie Freese reviewed proposed changes to the Capital Revolving Procedures and Policy.  Revisions include a prioritized list be presented to the Commissioners; and re-prioritization as necessary, and the process for supplemental budget requests following the authorized list for the fiscal year.  Travis Becker moved, Dennis Christensen seconded, to approve revised changes.  Motion carried unanimously.

Julie Freese reviewed the county-wide meetings she has attended regarding the legislative redistricting process. 

There being no further business, Travis Becker moved, Dennis Christensen seconded, to adjourn the meeting at 2:30 p.m. and reconvene for a Regular Meeting at 9:00 a.m. on October 18, 2011.  Motion carried unanimously.

                                                                        /s/         DOUGLAS L. THOMPSON, CHAIRMAN

                                                                                    FREMONT COUNTY COMMISSIONERS



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