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May 13, 2014

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

STATE OF WYOMING         )                                                                                            LANDER, WYOMING


COUNTY OF FREMONT      )                                                                                                           May 6, 2014


The Board of Fremont County Commissioners met in Regular Session at 9:00 a.m. with the following members present:  Chairman Douglas L. Thompson, Vice-Chairman Keja Whiteman, Travis Becker and Stephanie Kessler.  Commissioner Allen was absent due to illness.  County Clerk and Clerk of the Board Julie A. Freese was present for the meeting.


Travis Becker moved, Stephanie Kessler seconded, to approve the Agenda, as amended.  Motion carried unanimously.


Travis Becker moved, Keja Whiteman seconded, to approve the Minutes of the Regular Meeting held April 22, 2014.  Abstaining from the motion was Stephanie Kessler due to her absence at said meeting.   Motion carried.


Stephanie Kessler moved, Travis Becker seconded, to accept the regular bills for payment, with the exception of vouchers to Hudson’s Funeral Home and Davis Funeral Home, pending further information.  Travis Becker abstained from voting on The Print Shop voucher.  Motion carried unanimously.


Name Department Name Invoice Description Total Cost
A & I Distributors Vehicle Mtce/Ambulance Fluids $4,061.99
Ace Hardware-Lander Segregated Supplies $12.99
Airgas Intermountain, Inc Vehicle Maintenance Welding/Shop/Safety Supplies $220.00
Albany County Clerk of District Court Payroll Child Support $829.46
All Around Sports Llc County Sheriff Advertising $300.00
Allen, Patrick C  MD/PC County Coroner Autopsy Fees $1,040.00
Alsco Inc Co Buildings – Admin Laundry $67.20
Althoff,Kristin Fremont Co WIC Reimburse Expenses $407.40
American Dry Cleaners Ambulance Laundry $37.96
American Family & Life Insurance Segregated Insurance $6,924.09
American Heritage Life Insurance Segregated Insurance $163.18
Anda Inc Family Planning Services Medical Supplies $302.54
Apadaca, Taylor Ambulance Reimburse Expenses $157.50
Associated Legal Group LLC Planning Department Training Seminar $1,319.20
Atlantic City F.C.U. Segregated Savings $610.00
AXA Equitable Life Insurance Segregated Insurance $71.42
AXA Equitable PEDC Segregated Annuity $850.00
B & T Fire Extinguishers, Inc Segregated Extinguisher Services $892.40
B I Inc Jail Monthly Charges $82.00
Bailey Enterprises, Inc County Sheriff Fuel,Parts & Services $1,013.84
Baldwin Creek Rental Center Transportation Parts/Supplies/Materials $30.00
Bank of the West Investment Pool Bank Charges $757.22
Baseline Equipment Company Jail Safety Devices $1,078.80
Bill Jones Plumbing & Heating Co Buildings Supplies $50.70
Blackhawk Security, Inc Co Buildings Annual Monitoring $264.00
Bloedorn Lumber-Lander Transportation Materials,Supplies $7.92
Bob Barker Company, Inc Jail Inmate Supplies $532.95
Bound Tree Medical, LLC Ambulance Medical Supplies $252.51
Bowdel Steven P. Jail Medical Services $1,800.00
Bull’s Service & Towing LLC Vehicle Maintenance Service $95.46
Capital Business Systems, Inc Transportation/Ambulance Supplies & Maintenance Contract $209.92
Cardinal Health Jail Inmate Medical Supplies $911.29
Carver, John D MD County Coroner Autopsy Services $1,065.00
Casper C’mon Inn Vehicle Maintenance Lodging $332.00
CDW Government, Inc County Sheriff Equipment & Supplies $1,320.00
CenturyLink Agriculture Dept Telephone Provider $248.80
Charter Communications Family Planning Services Internet Provider $159.80
Child Support Services/ORS Payroll Child Support $327.67
Clark, Judith Ambulance Reimburse Expenses $39.39
Clerk of Circuit Court – Riverton Payroll Deduction $521.87
Clifford,Gregory P. MD PC County Sheriff Inmate Medical $4,858.00
Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Segregated Insurance $208.47
Communication Technologies Inc Segregated Maintenance Agreement,Repairs $6,892.32
Corporate Benefits Consortium Health Benefit Plan Insurance Services $4,000.00
Coulter, Kevin County Sheriff Reimburse Expenses $80.00
Cox,Dan Ambulance Reimburse Expenses $94.50
Days Inn- Laramie Agriculture Dept Lodging $71.99
Dell Marketing, L.P. County Sheriff Computer Equipment,Supplies $3,958.60
Do-Write Imaging County Sheriff Computer Supplies $128.57
Dubois Hardware Co County Sheriff Supplies $18.98
Dubois Telephone Exchange Segregated Telephone $679.13
Duckwall-Alco Stores Inc Ambulance Supplies $25.26
Election Systems & Software, Inc County Elections Voting Machines & Supplies $3,171.42
Electrical Dynamics, Inc Co Buildings Services/Repairs $1,443.25
EBMS Co Admin Health Insurance $31,226.14
EnCana Natural Gas Inc Segregated CNG Costs $552.40
Fremont County Group Homes Inc JDAI Juvenile Detention $133.00
Fahey,Penny Health Promotion Reimburse Expenses $344.87
Farmer Bros. Co. Jail Coffee $235.40
Federal Auto Recycling Transportation Materials $56.00
Federal Express Corp Jail Shipping Fees $54.88
Filemaker, Inc Community Juvenile Services Software Renewal $1,568.00
First Interstate Bank Segregated Credit Card Charges $11,582.45
Food Services of America Jail Prisoner Board $10,135.75
Freese, Julie Co Clerk/Elections Reim. Expenses $228.16
Fremont Ameri-Tech Equipment Co Inc Capital Revolving Fund Parts & Supplies $235.00
Fremont Counseling-Lander Health & Welfare Title 25 $960.00
Fremont County Detention Jail Inmate Trust Drawer $49.04
Fremont County Predatory Animal Board Health & Welfare 2013-2014 Allocation $3,000.00
Fremont County Solid Waste Co Buildings – Admin Dump Fees $45.50
Fremont County Treasurer Co Admin Witholding/FICA $256,461.40
Fremont County Treasurer Co Admin Section 125 Benefits $55,236.40
Fremont County Treasurer Co Admin Health Insurance $327,969.00
Fremont County Treasurer Co Admin Health Insurance Claims $467,383.00
Fremont Motor Riverton Inc Vehicle Mtce/Ambulance Parts/Supplies $509.40
Fremont Motors – Lander Vehicle Mtce/Ambulance Parts/Supplies $319.72
Fremont Orthopedic Assoc Jail Inmate Medical $1,674.00
Fremont Toyota Vehicle Maintenance Parts & Supplies $209.93
Galt, Matt Ambulance Travel Expenses $157.50
Gary Brink, Inc Co Buildings Materials/Supplies $279.29
Globalstar USA Search & Rescue Satellite Phone Service $112.99
Gorseth,Lori L Public Defender Office Rent $450.00
Gossett,Ray S. & Gail K. Family Planning Services Office Rent $671.02
Grainger Co Buildings Materials/Supplies $216.60
Great American Financial Segregated Annuity $50.00
Hammer Electronics Co Sheriff/Agriculture Dept Supplies $39.94
Hanington,Brianna Ambulance Reimburse Expenses $63.00
Hart, Eric Ambulance Reimburse Expense $126.00
Hasco Industrial Supply Transportation/Vehicle Mtce Parts & Supplies $594.32
Healthsmart Benefit Solutions Segregated Insurance $1,040.00
High Country Appraisals County Commission Appraisal Services $1,500.00
Hilyard, Shannon County Attorney Reimburse Expenses $63.00
Holiday Inn-Sheridan County Attorney Lodging $83.00
Hopkin,Justin Health Nurse/Co Health Officer Professional Services $1,300.00
Horizon Laboratory LLC County Coroner Toxicology Fees $567.00
Horizons Unlimited LLC County Elections Stickers $244.80
IDW LLC Homeland Security ID Card System $4,051.96
Information Systems Consult Inc E911 Program Supplies $142,131.72
Internal Revenue Service Payroll Deduction $1,114.46
Int’l Association of Crime Analysts County Sheriff Class Registration $445.00
Jack’s Saw Shop Inc Transportation Supplies/Equipment $728.50
Johnson, Nancy Ambulance Reimburse Expenses $31.50
Johnson,Edie Jail Reimburse Expenses $99.00
Kessler,Stephanie County Commission Reimburse Expenses $142.80
Kunz,Karan Fremont Co WIC Reimburse Expenses $212.80
Lander Medical Clinic PC Jail Inmate Medical $981.93
Lander Valley Physicians Practices Jail Contract Services $6,049.00
Lander, City of Buildings/Ambulance Water & Sewer $1,752.67
Lander’s Main St Car Wash LLC County Sheriff Wash Time $60.21
Lanham, Charles Culture & Recreation Reimburse Expenses $1,088.31
Lawson Products, Inc Vehicle Maintenance Parts & Supplies $586.21
Lee,Mary E. CAST MRT Training $110.24
Lincare, Inc Jail Inmate Medical $29.65
Linton’s Big R Store County Sheriff Uniform Supplies $135.96
Massman, James County Treasurer Reim. Expenses $36.67
Mazet Enterprises, Inc County Sheriff Supplies $26.95
Meadow Gold Dairies Inc Jail Inmate Board $1,262.27
Medoff, Leonard B, Ph. D. County Sheriff Psychological Testing $225.00
Mercer,John W Jr Md Family Planning Services Contractual Services $100.00
Meridian Trust F.C.U. Segregated Savings $523.15
Midwest Cancer Screening Family Planning Services Screening Services $8.05
Miller,Jesse F. Ambulance Reimburse Expenses $220.50
Moore Medical, Llc Ambulance Medical Supplies $2,121.25
Mountain Dental PC Jail Inmate Medical $188.00
Mountain Drivetrain Vehicle Maintenance Vehicle Repairs $1,017.90
Mr D’s Food Center Inc Jail/JDAI Supplies $1,283.43
NACCHO Health Nurse Membership $200.00
Napa Auto Parts-Lander Vehicle Mtce/Ambulance Parts & Supplies $2,696.08
National Food Group Inc Jail Inmate Board $1,678.86
New York Life Insurance Segregated Insurance $566.60
Ninth Judicial District Court County Sheriff Reimburse Copy Fees $18.50
Noble Medical, Inc County Sheriff Drug Testing Supplies $400.00
Office Shop, The Co Attorney/Agriculture Dept Supplies/Service Agreement $1,194.16
Orchard Trust Company Segregated Wyoming Benefits $6,428.12
Osage Industries, Inc Ambulance Parts $603.76
Pacer Service Center County Attorney Copies $18.20
Palace Pharmacy Jail Inmate Rx’s $14,047.18
Park County Clerk County Commission Shoshone Forest Plan Share $350.12
Pehrson, Leo Vehicle Maintenance Reimburse Expenses $43.23
Peterbilt of Wyoming Vehicle Maintenance Parts $822.12
Phillips, Adam E. District Court Court Representation $1,593.75
Pitchengine Inc JDAI Advertising $250.00
Price, Raymond Planning Dept Reim. Expenses $29.40
Print Shop,The County Elections Supplies/Equipment $1,792.65
Quick-Set Auto Glass Vehicle Maintenance Windshields,Repairs $115.00
Quill Corporation Segregated Office / Computer Supplies $2,076.14
R T Communications Segregated Telephone Services $573.28
Ranger Printers Fremont Co WIC Copies $7.50
Ratigan, Daniel, M.D. Jail P.A. Supervisor Contract $2,550.00
Reed’s Moghaun Office Supply Segregated Office Supplies $1,442.97
Reynolds,Terry L. Jail Inmate Uniform Repair $43.10
Riverton Memorial Hospital Jail/Health & Welfare Inmate Medical/Corp Name Chng $38,259.55
Riverton Ranger, Inc Vehicle Maintenance Advertising,Subscriptions $684.00
Riverton Tire & Oil Co Inc Vehicle Mtce/Ambulance Tires,Parts,Services $5,991.42
Riverton, City of Buildings/Ambulance Water/Sewer $757.10
Rocky Mountain Wash LLC Co Sheriff/Health Nurse Wash Time $152.00
Safeway Inc Jail Inmate Medical $60.48
Sammons Oil Co, Inc Vehicle Maintenance Parts $78.00
Secretary of State County Clerk Notary Fee $30.00
Selbys Segregated Maintenance & Supplies $195.00
Shankle,Paula CAST Reimburse Expenses $121.30
Skaggs Companies, Inc County Sheriff Uniforms/Supplies $96.00
Smith Medical Partners LLC Family Planning Services Medical Supplies $778.81
Smith,Terri V. Public Defender Rent $450.00
SourceGas Segregated Utilities $8,453.81
Star Trims County Sheriff Misc Services $125.00
State of Wyoming Public Defender/Transportation Office Rent/Permit Fees $1,800.00
Stroupe Pest Control Inc Co Buildings Pest Control $75.00
Swanson Services Corporation Jail Inmate Supplies $205.50
Sweetwater County Sheriff Jail Juvenile Housing/Inmate Detention $6,125.00
Taylor Creek Exxon County Sheriff Car Wash $28.00
Telewest IV Inc Jail Inmate Supplies $2,672.95
Terminix of Wyoming Ambulance Services $95.00
Terrance R. Martin PC Public Defender/Health & Welfare Office Rent/Title 25 Services $3,200.00
Thompson, Codi S., RD Jail Contract Services $115.80
Total Net Salaries Segregated Salaries $772,539.80
U.S. Dept of Education Payroll Deduction $586.75
Ultramax County Sheriff Ammunition $1,137.00
Union Telephone Company County Sheriff Cellphone Charges $1,059.48
University of Wyoming Agriculture Dept 3rd & 4th Quarterly Contract Salary $13,650.00
V-1 Propane Buildings/Ambulance Propane $1,094.98
Valley Lumber & Supply Co Inc Co Buildings – Admin Materials/Supplies $40.34
Verizon Wireless Segregated Cellphone Provider $800.29
Vidacare Corporation Ambulance Medical Supplies $2,786.68
VIVA Press Juvenile Treatment Court Tuition/Educational Materials 1948.30
West Payment Center District Court Library Plan Charges $752.75
Western Printing, Inc Segregated Printed Supplies $378.30
Whiting Law, P.C. District Court Professional Services $2,272.50
Wilkerson, James A, IV, MD PC County Coroner Autopsy $1,215.00
Wind River Awards Co Commission/Co Sheriff Employee Recognition $209.50
Wind River Information Systems LLC Juv Det Alternative Detention Services/Software $120.00
Wind River Radiology PC Jail Inmate Medical $1,358.00
Wind River Towing Ambulance Towing $130.00
Wind River Tree Care Inc Co Buildings – Admin Services $1,800.00
Workwise County Sheriff Drug Testing $426.00
Wy Cardiopulmonary Services PC Jail Inmate Medical $53.40
Wy Department of Employment Co Admin Unemployment $6,444.19
Wy Dept of Transportation Co Sheriff/Vehicle Mtce Citations/County Plate Transfer Fee $108.50
Wy Public Health Laboratory Family Planning Services Lab Fees/Supplies $499.00
Wy SDU Payroll Child Support $1,000.00
Wyo Child Support Enforcement Segregated Child Support $2,212.00
Wyo Dept of Workforce Services Co Admin Workers Comp $16,863.74
Wyoming Behavioral Institute Health & Welfare Title 25 $4,110.00
Wyoming Dept of Transportation Segregated Fuel $8,234.71
Wyoming Division of Victim Services VOCA Grant – Attorney Conference Fees $300.00
Wyoming G A L Program District Court Guardians Ad Llitem Fees $3,598.66
Wyoming Machinery Co Transportation/Vehicle Mtce Parts & Service $5,327.67
Wyoming Planning Association Planning Dept 2014 Dues $72.00
Wyoming Retirement System Co Admin Contributions $155,418.16 Segregated Internet Services $2,660.01
WYSROA County Sheriff Membership Dues $25.00
    Total Bills Presented $2,518,738.96


Keja Whiteman moved, Travis Becker seconded, to accept the following Title 25 vouchers for payment:  Fremont Counseling Service in the amount of $2,400 and Natrona County Legal Department in the amount of $12,141.89.  Motion carried unanimously.


Stephanie Kessler moved, Travis Becker seconded, to accept a voucher from EBMS for health insurance claims through May 5, 2014 in the amount of $52,945.47.  Motion carried unanimously.


The following items in the Signature File were addressed:  1) Letter of appreciation to Cade Maestas for his service on the Fremont County Recreation Commission; and 2) Record of Proceedings.  Keja Whiteman moved, Travis Becker seconded, to approve an updated Agricultural Lease Agreement with Steve Husted for the Major Property, expiring February 28, 2015.  Motion carried unanimously.  Keja Whiteman moved, Stephanie Kessler seconded, to approve a Contract between Fremont County Government and Fremont Counseling Service, expiring June 30, 2015.  Motion carried unanimously.  Keja Whiteman moved, Travis Becker seconded, to approve a License for New Construction of Utility Crossing or Encroachment from SourceGas Distribution LLC for Delfelder Road and Application/Permit to Construct Access Driveway from Dion Stark for North 8th West and Chris Forbis for Riverview Road.  Motion carried unanimously.  Keja Whiteman moved, Travis Becker seconded, to approve Resolution No. 2014-10 and No. 2014-11 for Appointment of Special Prosecutors from Carbon and Teton Counties, respectively.  Motion carried unanimously. (The Resolutions are on file in the County Commissioners Office).  Keja Whiteman moved, Stephanie Kessler seconded, to approve Homeland Security Sub-Recipient Grant Awards with City of Riverton ($5,927.50); Jeffrey City Fire District ($9,757.46); City of Lander ($46,095.14 and $37,813.22); Dubois Rural Fire District ($12,638.66 and $33,815.00).  Motion carried unanimously.


Items in the Priority Mail were reviewed:  1) Riverton Mayor Warpness’ request to consider a Riverton resident for appointment on the Solid Waste Disposal District Board (Commissioner Becker will address the issue with the Mayor at the upcoming FCAG meeting later in the week); 2) Fremont County Treasurer’s monthly report summarizing the source of all monies received for March 2014 (Treasurer Scott Harnsberger was present and the Board approved the format for the reporting); 3) County Attorney’s memo regarding the process for formation of an Animal Control District (taken under advisement). The Board reviewed a request from the Fremont County Shrine Club for a County Permit for the annual Shrine Circus at the Fremont County Fairgrounds on June 25, 2014.  Travis Becker moved, Stephanie Kessler seconded, to approve the Permit as requested.  Motion carried unanimously.  Receipt of the $10.00 was acknowledged.


The Public Comment period was held.


County Treasurer Scott Harnsberger stated his Office has advertised for part-time help during the audit season as a result of the retirement of the former employee.  This is a temporary position consisting of 250 hours/year and under the supervision of Deputy Treasurer Jim Massman.  The selected applicant is Shannon Rodgers.


Desert Mountain Corporation employee Steve Bessey stated his business has contracted with Fremont County for dust control material since 2009.  This year the Transportation Department has enacted a bid process and he wanted to make sure the bids were awarded apples to apples.  He proceeded to update the services they have provided to the County and has allowed County staff to use their scales, blend their own materials, etc.


Shoshoni resident Keith Jansen inquired into the status of the 1% projects and his concern that Shoshoni did not have a public library.  Commissioner Kessler stated the Library Board would be presenting their budget later in the day and do have a plan to provide more outreach services to those areas without a library.  Pertinent documents relating to the 1% projects will be forwarded to Mr. Jensen.


County Clerk Julie Freese presented a preliminary budget hearing.  The information will be advertised prior to a formal hearing on May 13th.


Sheriff Skip Hornecker briefly joined the meeting to discuss the County Attorney’s memo regarding the process for formation of an Animal Control District.  He stated the Citizen’s Animal Control Committee is meeting later in the week and would be discussing it at that time.


Travis Becker moved, Stephanie Kessler seconded, to adjourn into Executive Session regarding personnel.  Motion carried unanimously.  Deputy County Attorney Jodi Darrough was present.  Keja Whiteman moved, Stephanie Kessler seconded, to return to Regular Session.  Motion carried unanimously.


Executive Health Committee members Jim Massman, Margy Irvine and Kristi Green were joined by Cobecon representative Rob Henderson (via speakerphone) to discuss the four proposals received for third party administrator and the subsequent interview with the two finalists.  They recommended the Board accept the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming proposal at a rate of $37.00 per employee per month.  This represents a 25% increase over the $30.85 currently paid to EBMS, after adjusting for the telephonic medicine fee.  The rate increase amounts to $32,000 increase annually, but will be offset by an estimated $400,000 savings due to better network discounts offered by BCBS.  The company administered the County plan until four years ago when EBMS was hired.  The committee members felt transitioning to BCBS would be the least disruptive and best received by County employees.  Stephanie Kessler moved, Keja Whiteman seconded, to accept the recommendation to accept the proposal from BCBS for the County health benefit plan administrator, effective July 1, 2014.  Motion carried unanimously.


Elected Officials County Clerk Julie Freese, Treasurer Scott Harnsberger, Sheriff Skip Hornecker, Attorney Michael Bennett, Clerk of District Court Kristi Green and Assessor Tara Berg reviewed W.S. § 18-3-107 that states the establishment of salaries for the next elected term of office must be finalized by June 1st and become effective January 1st.  A spreadsheet with current and proposed Elected Officials Salaries was distributed for review and Treasurer Harnsberger had compiled information of historical data for most of the salaries paid within the Fremont County General Fund as well as a chart as to what the market is currently paying for managerial positions, compiled by the State of Wyoming.  The group’s proposal is to increase full time elected officials 3% per year for four years.  The Board took the information under advisement.


Emergency Management Coordinator Kathi Metzler reviewed the Sub-Recipient Grant Award Agreements the Board had signed earlier in the meeting.  She will update information on one of the Agreements and the Board stressed the importance of the Sub-Recipients expending the funds as agreed upon in a timely manner as related to reporting requirements.  In other business, Metzler reviewed a meeting held the prior day to discuss potential flooding in Fremont County.  Present in the audience were Terry Wilson and Rocky McWilliams.   The Board stated the priorities would be for Critical Public Infrastructure to include county bridges and roads, gas and phone lines, and in conjunction with WYDOT, State highways within Fremont County.  Transportation Department Administrative Secretary Pennie Buffington was present in the audience and stated they have a tracking system in place for sandbag distribution.  A news release will be published stating county resources will not be expended to assist private property owners unless a disaster declaration is made.  Sandbags will be available, upon demonstration of need, at the Riverton Transportation Department located on Airport Hill beginning Monday, May 12th from 8:00 am – 9:00 am daily.  All questions should be directed to the Emergency Management Agency.  At this time, sand will not be brought to the Riverton Shop, but it is understood the crew will need at least two days lead time to stockpile sand for future use.


County Planner Ray Price was joined by Small Wastewater Administrator Marcel Lopez to present the following which were all approved by the Fremont County Planning Commission at their April meeting:

  • VH Subdivision – a proposed two lot simple subdivision located west of Riverton on Riverview Road
  • Re-Plat of Lot 19, Block 1, Knight Subdivision – proposed lot line adjustment in the subdivision that is located north of Riverton
  • O’Connor Subdivision – proposed three lot simple subdivision located north of Riverton
  • Re-Subdivision of Lot 1, Valley Automotive Subdivision – proposed lot split
  • Re-Plat of Lot 1, Lower Coon Creek Subdivision – proposed re-plat to increase the size of the one lot

Travis Becker moved, Stephanie Kessler seconded, to approve the new subdivisions and re-plats as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.


Rocky McWilliams was presented with a plaque from the Commissioners in recognition of his retirement from the Fremont County Transportation Department, effective April 30, 2014.  The Board thanked him for his service to Fremont County since June 11, 1984.  Keja Whiteman moved, Stephanie Kessler seconded, to adjourn into Executive Session with Rocky McWilliams for an exit interview.  Motion carried unanimously.  Travis Becker moved, Stephanie Kessler seconded, to return to Regular Session.  Motion carried unanimously.


Budget Hearings were held as follows:


County Coroner:   Coroner Edward McAuslan and Chief Deputy Mark Stratmoen.  This year Ed asked to add a forensic pathologist to the coroner’s budget.  The commissioners approved moving forward with seeking to find a pathologist.  Ed reported that so far, he only has one person who may be interested at the $100,000 salary figure.  He did mention that the other candidates were not interested due to the salary being too low.  Discussion ensued regarding savings to the Coroner budget and revenue expected to be received from other counties utilizing this service.  McAuslan suggested that a part time employee be increased to a full time position and this increase is reflected in this year’s request.


Planning:  Planner Ray Price, Administrative Assistant Koni Gilgen and Board Chairman Kristen Paulsen and board member JR Oakley.  Discussion was held that the revenues were not estimated for the current year and Ray feels it will be the same next year, however, he will rework the revenue and get it to the county clerk.  The productivity report including subdivision, small waste permits and rural addressing was discussed as being constant.  They lost an employee last year and that position has not been replaced.


In other business, Price stated a Money Handling Policy had been developed within the Department.  A spreadsheet listing the status of monies received was distributed for review.  Price distributed a draft Vacancy Announcement for his position for review and, following the amendments, will be advertised immediately with a closing date of May 30, 2014.


Women, Infants and Children (WIC):  Karan Kunz Director.  This program is a pass-through program, funded by the State completely.  Karan has filled both the Riverton and Lander Tech positions. Revenue for the current year needs to be completed and returned to the clerk.  Increases in the budget are attributable to the hiring of the new employees.


Building Maintenance.  Supervisor JR Oakley.  JR noted that when he began his employment here, he was maintaining 18 buildings and today he has 23.  The Riverton Justice Center addition will require (in JR’s opinion) another full time custodian to be able to keep up with all of the building’s maintenance.  The detention maintenance budget is reduced as the major repairs will be done and paid for out of the jail endowment fund.  Treasurer Scott Harnsberger joined the meeting to discuss the Jail Endowment Fund.  Based on JR’s 5 year projection, it is anticipated that for the next 5 years, they will utilize up to $181,000, $145,000, $120,000, $87,000 and $38,000 ending with year 2019.  Much of this will be spent on painting, floors, HVAC units, roof repairs, and equipment replacements with utilities also being included.  This fund will be utilized for all cost accounting rather than transferring it over to the Building budget.  $23,000 will be added to the Detention Maintenance budget as revenue to offset for utility costs for the next fiscal year.  The Treasurer is looking into the possibilities of utilizing this fund in a better way similar to the Hospice endowment looking 30-40 years in the future.


Commissioner Whiteman was excused from the remainder of the meeting.


District Court:  District Court Judge Norman Young and Administrator Annette Bregar.  The State has agreed to fund the Administrative Assistant for the next 2 years and then have the intention of fully funding the position at the state level from that point on.  The county would pay a portion of the administrative assistant’s wage for the next 2 years in a line item called Wyoming Reimbursement. The caseload of the courts is staying the same and they don’t anticipate increases in any other line items.


County Attorney:  County and Prosecuting Attorney H. Michael Bennett and Administrative Assistant Imogene Massey.  Bennett noted that his request this year is less than last year.  He did note however, that the Statutory Medical procedures will now be placed back into his office per the Wyoming Statutes rather than the contract that the commissioners had been paying.  He has included an increase for one employee by $5,000 to take on that duty.  No other raises are included at this time.  Due to this increased workload of his office, Michael requests that he be given the ability to increase the part time person to a full time status.  For the future, he would want to increase support staff and would like an additional $5,000 for a chief deputy all of which is not included in the budget packet.


Attorney VOCA:    Michael Bennett, Imogene Massey and Mike Stalder.  This budget has increased due to the health insurance going to a composite rate.  This program has been funded from the state and the county for 20 years.  It is an integral component of the criminal justice system, by providing quality services in an efficient, knowledgeable and compassionate manner to victims and witnesses of crime.  Commissioner Becker questioned the need for multiple agencies to have a position such as this.  Bennett has looked into consolidating the positions across the county and has met with some resistance and therefore has not pushed this further.  The county’s portion of this budget is estimated to be $31,571 this year and last year it was $29,456.


Court Assisted Supervise Treatment:  Coordinator Susan Shipley.    This program relies on funding from the Wyoming Department of Health, Behavioral Health Division, the county and the participation fees.  They supervise approximately 52 clients per year for outpatient treatment.


Juvenile Treatment Court:  Coordinator Susan Shipley.  This program also relies on funding from the Wyoming Department of Health and the county.  They average 17 clients per month.  Due to a high fund balance, they will not require as much from the county this year.  Discussion was held on the weekend UA testers and potential options to how this is being administered.


Library:  Director Tracy Cook and Bookkeeper Rebecca Thomas.  In 2013-14 they continued to expand their operating hours, increased the number of materials, upgraded their technology and continued to maintain their facilities.  Priorities are:  1) To upgrade technology infrastructure via a capital revolving fund approval for new equipment.  2)  To reorganize their Dubois personnel by moving two substitute employees to part time Library Assistant II’s.  3)  To add on a 24 hour/week custodian position for the Lander Library. 4) To maintain the facilities such as concrete stabilization around the Lander Library.  The other cost would be to replace the library sign on Park/major Street at the Riverton Library.  Finally, they would like to install magnetic door holders that will bring their fire doors up to code.  5)  To increase the programming budget.  6)  To increase their collections budget.  7)  To increase internet speed and to add Hudson and Shoshoni community libraries to the statewide system.  8)  To purchase new shelving.


There being no further business,  Travis Becker moved, Stephanie Kessler seconded, to adjourn the meeting at 5:00 p.m. and reconvene for a Regular Meeting on May 13, 2014 at 9:00 a.m.  Motion carried unanimously.








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