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September 12, 2017 (FULL DETAILED REPORT)

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

STATE OF WYOMING            )                                                                                                                 LANDER, WYOMING

) ss.                                    OFFICE OF THE FREMONT COUNTY COMMISSIONERS

COUNTY OF FREMONT         )                                                                                                  SEPTEMBER 12, 2017





The Board of Fremont County Commissioners met in Regular Session at 9:00 a.m. with the following members present:  Chairman Travis Becker, Vice-Chairman Larry Allen, Ray Price, Jennifer McCarty and Clarence Thomas.   Fremont County Clerk Julie A. Freese was present for the meeting.


Larry Allen moved, Clarence Thomas seconded, to approve the Agenda as amended.  Motion carried unanimously.


Ray Price moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to approve the Minutes of the Regular Meeting held on September 5, 2017.  Motion carried unanimously.


Jennifer McCarty moved, Ray Price seconded, to accept the regular bills for payment.  Motion carried unanimously.


Total Cost
Ace Hardware Lander
Ace Hardware Riverton
Alsco, Inc.
Bailey Enterprises, Inc.
Bulk Fuel/Parts/Service
Bill Jones Plumbing & Heating
County Buildings
Bill’s Quality Auto Glass
Vehicle Maintenance
Windshield Repair
Bloedorn Lumber Lander
Agriculture Department
Telephone Service
CMI Teco
Communication Technologies Inc.
Vehicle Maintenance
Maintenance Agreement/Repairs
Corporate Benefits Consortium LLC
Health Benefit Plan
Insurance Services Calendar Year 2017
Mortimore Lane
Contractual Services
Fremont County Solid Waste
County Buildings
Dump Fees
Fremont County Treasurer
Road Material Inventory
Property Tax In Lieu of
Gerard, Jonathan M.
District Court
Court Representation
County Buildings
Honnen Equipment
Vehicle Maintenance
Jack’s Truck & Equipment
Vehicle Maintenance
John Deere Financial
Vehicle Maintenance
Lander Medical Clinic PC
Family Planning Services
Family Planning
Lander, City of
Marshall & Swift
County Assessor
Office/Field  Manuals
Mountain Drivetrain
Vehicle Maintenance
NAPA Auto Parts Riverton
Vehicle Maintenance
Norco Inc.
Office Shop Inc., The
Service Agreements
O’Reilly Automotive Inc.
Vehicle Maintenance
Riverton Ranger, Inc.
Rocky Mountain Power
SageWest Health Care
Health & Welfare
Title 25
Shoshoni, Town of
Smith Medical Partners LLC
Family Planning Services
Medical Supplies
Thos. Y. Pickett & Co Inc.
County Assessor
Contractual Services
Valley Lumber & Supply Co Inc.
County Buildings
Verizon Wireless
Cellphone Service
Western Printing, Inc.
County Assessor
Printed Supplies
Wilson, Desiree
District Court
Public Defenders Court
Wind River Trans Authority
Bus Pass
Woodworkers Supply Inc.
County Buildings
Wyoming G A L Program
District Court
Guardians Ad Litem Fees
The following items in the Signature File were reviewed:  1) Sympathy cards; 2) FMLA Training Certificates; and 3) Record of Proceedings.  Larry Allen moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to approve Amendment Number One to the Grant Agreement between the Wyoming Business Council and Fremont County for the Cameco/Dry Creek Road.  Motion carried unanimously.  Larry Allen moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to approve a WYDOT Extension of Lease Agreement for the premises located at Richardson Pit.  Motion carried unanimously.  Larry Allen moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to approve a Memorandum of Understanding between the State of Wyoming, Department of Corrections and Fremont County and Fremont County Fair Board for mutual exchange of resources in the event of an emergency situation.  Motion carried unanimously.


The following items in the Priority Mail were reviewed:  1) Local Government Liability Pool memo regarding Nominations for Board Vacancies; 2) Notice that the Hazard Mitigation Planning Committee, including representatives from the counties, tribes and municipalities, has developed a Hazard Mitigation Plan to identify hazard mitigation goals and a variety of mitigation projects with the intent of reducing losses from hazard events before they occur again, and set the public comment period from September 7-21, 2017; and 3) Dedication Ceremony and Ribbon Cutting for the Community Entry Services’ Solar Project on September 20th at 2:00 p.m.


The Public Comment period was held.


Wind River Transportation Authority Director Gary Michaud gave statistics on the ridership record set in July of 2017 totaling 4,500 (compared to one year ago July totals of 1,900).  Present in the audience was Lander Mayor Delbert McOmie, Council Member Monte Richardson and Fremont County Planner Steve Baumann.  The Fremont County Association of Governments Joint Powers Board was formed to include all Mayors and County Commission and WRTA operates under their umbrella.  Michaud asked the Board consider WRTA utilizing the Fremont County fuel system.  The agency has 14 vehicles (mini vans up to 31 seat bus) and one maintenance truck averaging between 5,000 to 8,000 gallons of fuel monthly.  Baumann, whose office administers the County fuel system, stated the added usage would not present problems on the administrative end as there is the ability to code to the appropriate departments and/or outside agencies.  The Board took the request under advisement pending a recommendation from the County Attorney’s Office.


Jim Gores, James Gores and Associates, was joined by Deputy County Attorney Jodi Darrough to review Task Order No. 5 to the Master Agreement for the Moneta-Lysite Road Widening project.  Additional funding is required for the firm’s work required for Bureau of Land Management environmental assessments, which could total up to $100,000 before the project is completed in acquiring the right of way.  Jennifer McCarty moved, Ray Price seconded, to approve Task Order No. 5 as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.


Commissioner meeting reports were given.


Commissioner McCarty attended the monthly Weed and Pest Control District monthly meeting.


Commissioner Thomas stated Tribal Transportation Planner Howard Brown will be the contact for road related issues on the Wind River Indian Reservation.  Brown expressed his appreciation that the County was moving forward with transferring ownership of 17 Mile Road to the BIA as per the MOU.


Chairman Becker reported on a Joint Agriculture, State and Public Lands, and Water Resources Interim Committee meeting in Dubois the previous day.  Discussion was held regarding the Wyoming Public Lands Initiative and he stated former Commissioner Thompson would attend the meeting today and provide a presentation on Fremont County’s WPLI efforts.  While in Dubois, he toured a road that will be discussed later in the meeting.  This Thursday, he has agreed to meet with an Australian company to discuss fracking.   He contacted the Department of Enterprise Technology Services at the State as a follow up to an earlier discussion with the state WIC supervisor and reported that Office, as well as the WIC Supervisor, are unaware of a recent Spectrum upgrade request for the WIC office located in the Courthouse.


County Clerk Julie Freese will attend a Corporations Committee meeting next week and further present at the upcoming WACO meeting the end of the month in Cheyenne information regarding Elections in Wyoming.  She distributed a draft letter from the Wyoming County Clerk’s Association outlining the concerns.   Counties are faced with aging equipment, the reality of non-availability of maintenance support on equipment, and notice from the vendor that supports 20 of 23 counties that support for current equipment will cease in 2020, thus leaving counties no choice but to purchase or lease new and expensive equipment.  Due to the State’s revenue situation, and the trickle-down effect to local governments, the Clerk’s Association is trying to “think outside of the box” and has made three separate attempts  to propose a consideration of Mail Ballot Elections and asked that the Committee study as an alternative election delivery method for Wyoming voters.  Unfortunately, the Committee has not offered assistance is researching other options for the Wyoming election process.  Freese indicated she would like to hold Town Hall meetings in various municipalities to call public attention to the urgent need to fund and support elections and to ensure the integrity of those elections.


County Coroner Mark Stratmoen presented a monthly report.  Case numbers for August (11) were reasonable and normal, especially in consideration of the Eclipse, compared to August of 2016 (14).  No additional autopsies were needed related to the Eclipse, and number of autopsies for this year remain down (16 for 2017 compared to 21 for the same period in 2016).  The Coroner’s Office has been experiencing some computer issues with two of their three computers.  He is working with the IT department for their assistance on options and, upon receipt of a recommendation, will present to the Commission as this was not a budgeted expense.  WYDOT has begun sending out “practice billing” for potential quarterly charges for the WYOLINK system.  Charges are based on number of radios and usage.  The Commissioners stated their State Association and Sheriff Hornecker and the Sheriff’s Association are staying on top of the potential future billing and doing what they can as Fremont County itself spent close to $5 million over the last ten years to get the WYOLINK system up and running.  In closing, Stratmoen stated skeletal remains were found over the weekend and a University of Wyoming Anthropology team investigated.


Fremont County Wellness Coordinator Penny Fahey presented a 2017 Wellness Program Annual Report.  Executive Health Insurance Committee member Margy Irvine was present in the audience.  Total participation in the Premium Reduction Program is 81%, showing a consistent increase every year since the program’s inception in 2014.  Of the total 319 participants, 226 are receiving $100 which indicates they have met all the standards for the program.  Physician waivers can be received for each standard and are for pre-existing conditions and are a required part of the Premium Reduction Program.  Categories by Standards (BMI, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure and Glucose) indicate that BMI is the category most missed, followed by Cholesterol.  The Wellness Program has partnered with the American Heart Association to offer a Blood Pressure Awareness Program.  The Fall Health Fair is scheduled in October for those who may have missed the spring event.  She is again offering Second Chances, available to those who would like to re-measure for any premium reduction standard to have the reduction adjusted in January.  It is also available to those who may have missed signing up in the spring.  There will also be a Hunt and Walk for Charity Scavenger Hunt this month.  In closing, Fahey thanked the Commissioners for their support of the Wellness Program.


County Clerk Julie Freese reviewed the updated County Vehicle Policy and Procedures and Mileage Reimbursement Policy.  Larry Allen moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to approve the documents.  Motion carried unanimously.


Jennifer McCarty moved, Clarence Thomas seconded, to adjourn into Executive Session with Susan Shipley for personnel.  Motion carried unanimously.  Larry Allen moved, Ray Price seconded, to return to Regular Session.  Motion carried unanimously.


William Miller, Miller & Fasse PC, was joined by Chris Stevens, to submit a Petition to Vacate a Portion of County Highway known as Little Warm Springs Creek Road.  Present in the audience was County Planner Steve Baumann and Deputy County Clerk Margy Irvine.  The Petition for Vacation was made pursuant to W.S. 24-3-101(b).  Mr. Miller stated the road is a two track road and has received no use for many years.  Total length of the area requested for vacation is approximately three miles and as is often the case with older roads, the road on the ground today may not match the legal description.  Chairman Becker expressed concern that the Road is listed as a County Road as a result of the RS 2477 ruling and that the current landowner (Three Spear Ranch) over which the road traverses has no authority to lock the gate, or put up “No Trespassing” and “Private Road” signs.  All were in agreement that the public cannot leave the road and trespass on private property.  The Petition submitted was deemed sufficient per W.S. 24-3-101(b) and the next step is to appoint a Viewer (W.S. 24-3-103).  Clarence Thomas moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to appoint Steve Baumann as Viewer regarding the Petition to Vacate a Portion of County Highway Known as Little Warm Springs Creek Road.  Motion carried unanimously.  An Oath will be prepared for Mr. Baumann’s signature.


Steve Baumann presented the final version of the Fremont County Subdivision Regulations.  The 45 day Public Comment period ended the previous week and the one change to remove “any addition of an Ingress/Egress easement” from the definition of a Re-Plat has been incorporated into the final copy.  No further comments have been received.  Jennifer McCarty moved, Ray Price seconded, to adopt the Fremont County Subdivision Regulations.  Motion carried unanimously.  Chairman Becker thanked Baumann and the Fremont County Planning Commission for their diligence and dedication over the last several years in updating the Regulations.


Larry Allen moved, Clarence Thomas seconded, to adjourn into Executive Session regarding personnel.  Motion carried unanimously.  Ray Price moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to return to Regular Session.  Motion carried unanimously.


There being no further business, Larry Allen moved, Clarence Thomas seconded, to adjourn the meeting at 12:35 p.m. and reconvene for a Regular Meeting on September 19, 2017 at 9:00 a.m.   Motion carried unanimously.


A full detailed report and the official minutes are posted on Fremont County’s website at











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