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Thursday, November 16th, 2017

STATE OF WYOMING            )                                                                                                                 LANDER, WYOMING

) ss.                                    OFFICE OF THE FREMONT COUNTY COMMISSIONERS

COUNTY OF FREMONT         )                                                                                                      NOVEMBER 7, 2017





The Board of Fremont County Commissioners met in Regular Session at 9:00 a.m. with the following members present:  Chairman Travis Becker, Vice-Chairman Larry Allen, Ray Price, Jennifer McCarty and Clarence Thomas.  Fremont County Clerk Julie A. Freese was present for the meeting.


Larry Allen moved, Ray Price seconded, to approve the Agenda as amended.  Motion carried unanimously.


Ray Price moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to approve the Minutes of the Regular Meeting held on October 24, 2017.  Motion carried unanimously.


Ray Price moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to accept the regular bills for payment.  Motion carried unanimously.



Each of the bills are listed below in the following format: Vendor Name-Department-Description-Total Cost.


71 Construction-Road Material Inventory-Materials-$1,679.46; A & I Distributors-Vehicle Maintenance-Parts/Supplies-$1,874.24; Advanced Hydraulic & Machine-Vehicle Maintenance-Parts-$697.39; Alcopro Inc.-County Sheriff-Alcohol Sensor-$516.00; American Family & Life Insurance-Segregated-Insurance-$9,748.07; American Heritage Life Insurance-Segregated-Insurance-$35.62; AXA Equitable PEDC-Segregated-Annuity-$250.00; B & B Enterprises LLC-Transportation-Signs/Supplies-$19.00; B & T Fire Extinguishers Inc.-County Buildings-Extinguisher Services-$383.25; Bailey Enterprises, Inc.-Inventory-Bulk Fuel Account-$14,920.28; Bank of The West Acct Analysis-Investment Pool-Bank Charges-$823.27; Black Hills Energy-Segregated-Utility Services-$5,251.62; Bloedorn Lumber Lander-Segregated-Materials/Supplies-$42.93; Blue Cross Blue Shield of WY-Co Admin-Health Ins Claims-$254,326.38; Blue Cross Blue Shield of WY-Co Admin-Health Insurance-$35,253.65; Bob Barker Company, Inc.-Detention Center-Inmate Supplies-$688.38; Boyle Electric Inc.-Riverton Library Roof & Drainage-Services-$195.00; Business Mailing Solutions, Inc.-Support Services-Postage Machine Repair-$436.23; Central Wyoming College-Dispatch Center-Tower Lease-$162.00; Charter Communications-Segregated-Internet Services-$351.86; Child Support Services/ORS-Payroll-Child Support-$564.00; City Plumbing & Heating Inc.-County Buildings Detention-Plumbing Supplies-$28.65; Clifford, Gregory P. M.D. P.C.-Detention Center-Inmate Medical-$4,714.00; Collection Professionals Ins-Payroll-Garnishment-$100.00; Colonial Life & Accident Ins-Segregated-Insurance-$165.22; Coulter, Kevin-County Sheriff-Contract Services-$154.84; Cowboy Chemical Inc.-Detention Center-Inmate Laundry/Kitchen Supplies-$394.70; Dubois Frontier, The-Public Health-Advertising-$59.50; Dubois Telephone Exchange-Circuit Court Lander-Telephone Services-$648.00; Federal Express Corp-County Sheriff-Shipping Fees-$13.79; Food Services of America-Detention Center-Prisoner Board-$1,943.31; Forton, James F.-Road Construction-Seeding Kingfisher Road-$3,900.00; Fremont Chevrolet GMC-Vehicle Maintenance-Parts/Repairs-$4,488.76; Fremont Counseling Lander-Health & Welfare-Title 25-$9,425.00; Fremont County School Dist. #25-Youth Services-JDAI Meals-$903.65; Fremont County Treasurer-Co Admin-Health Insurance-$320,350.00; Fremont County Treasurer-Co Admin-Withholding/FICA-$203,675.67; Fremont County Treasurer-Co Admin-Section 125 Benefits-$42,979.98; Fremont Motor Riverton Inc.-Vehicle Maintenance-Parts/Supplies-$915.32; Fremont Motors Lander-Segregated-Parts/Supplies-$1,413.99; Fremont Orthopaedics P.C.-Detention Center-Inmate Medical-$158.00; Fremont Therapy Group LLC-Detention Center-Inmate Therapy-$1,120.00; Fremont Toyota-Vehicle Maintenance-Parts/Supplies-$159.90; Globalstar USA-Search & Rescue-Satellite Phone Service-$143.04; Great West Trust-Segregated-Wyoming Benefits-$5,105.00; HDR Engineering Inc.-Segregated-Engineering-$17,104.63; HealthSmart Benefit Solutions-Segregated-Insurance-$928.00; HistoriCorps-Simpson Lake Lodge-Restoration-$5,000.00; Hopkin, Justin-Segregated-County Health Officer-$1,400.00; Intoximeters Inc.-Detention Center-Supplies-$992.50; Jack’s Truck & Equipment-Segregated-Trailer/Parts-$29,591.39; Jerry Bornhoft Construction Inc.-Segregated-Construction-$174,262.88; Lander Medical Clinic P.C.-Family Planning Services-Family Planning-$600.00; Lander Valley Physicians Pract.-Detention Center-Inmate Medical-$376.00; Lyles, Jesse-County Sheriff-Reimburse Mileage-$22.40; Mid Amer Research Chemical-Vehicle Maintenance-Supplies-$2,758.25; National Business Systems Inc.-County Treasurer-Postcards-$943.94; National Food Group Inc.-Detention Center-Inmate Board-$4,403.04; Neopost USA Inc.-County Sheriff-Postage Contract-$169.80; New York Life Insurance-Segregated-Insurance-$276.60; Norco Inc.-Segregated-Supplies-$3,922.02; Northern Arapaho Child Support-Payroll-Child Support-$598.78; Office Shop Inc., The-County Sheriff-Service Agreement-$66.21; Or Dept. of Justice-Payroll-Child Support-$500.94; Osage Industries, Inc.-Vehicle Maintenance-Parts-$438.03; Paws For Life-County Sheriff-Animal Boarding-$525.00; Perfect Power Electric Inc.-County Buildings Detention-Parts/Services-$12.50; Quill Corporation-Segregated-Office/Computer Supplies-$892.91; R C Lock & Key-County Buildings-Materials/Supplies-$11.00; R R Brink Locking Systems Inc.-County Buildings Detention-Materials/Supplies-$412.00; R T Communications-Segregated-Telephone Services-$537.21; Ratigan, Daniel, M.D.-Detention Center-P.A. Supervisor Contract-$4,500.00; Reiman Corp.-Bridge Repair-Project SA4-$345,189.45; Remote Satellite Systems-Search & Rescue-Equipment-$48.95; Riverton, City of-County Buildings-Water/Sewer-$1,189.21; Rocky Mountain Power-Segregated-Utility Services-$9,736.97; SageWest Health Care-Detention Center-Inmate Medical-$22,177.17; Schoneberger, Valerie-Segregated-Court Appointment/Rent-$975.00; Shoshoni, Town of-Transportation-Services-$50.00; Sinks Canyon Inc.-1% Gravel Projects-Contract Services-$385.00; Skaggs Companies, Inc.-Segregated-Uniforms/Supplies-$625.95; Smith Medical Partners LLC-Family Planning Services-Supplies-$106.47; State Disbursement Unit-Payroll-Child Support-$1,119.00; State of Wyoming-Public Defender-Rent-$1,650.00; Sublette Co. Sheriff’s Office-Search & Rescue-Services-$2,950.00; Sysco Montana Inc.-Detention Center-Inmate Supplies-$11,637.51; Terrance R. Martin P.C.-Public Defender-Rent-$450.00; Total Net Salaries-Segregated-Salaries-$601,298.56; Traveling Computers-Computer Services-Computer Supplies/Services-$1,988.30; Tweed’s Wholesale Co-Detention Center-Inmate Board-$1,580.88; University of Wyoming-County Coroner-Forensic Exam-$641.50; Valley Lumber & Supply Co Inc.-Segregated-Materials/Supplies-$67.17; Verizon Wireless-Segregated-Cellphone Services-$238.91; West Payment Center-District Court-Library Plan Charges-$198.90; Western Printing, Inc.-Detention Center-Printed Supplies-$661.14; Whiting Law, P.C.-District Court-Professional Services-$2,242.50; William H. Smith & Associates Inc.-Wiggins Fork-Bridge Replacement-$210.00; Wind River Power Sports-Vehicle Maintenance-Parts/Supplies-$58.98; Wind River Radiology P.C.-Detention Center-Inmate Medical-$1,564.00; Wyoming Behavioral Institute-Health & Welfare-Title 25-$4,110.00; Wyoming Child Support Enforcement-Segregated-Child Support-$800.00; Wyoming Dept. of Health-Health Nurse-5th Quarter-$39,424.70; Wyoming Dept. of Workforce Serv.-Co Admin-Workers Comp-$19,590.28; Wyoming Retirement System-Co Admin-Contributions-$138,757.82; Wyoming State Disbursement Unit-Payroll-Child Support-$830.00; Services-$2,074.07.


The following items in the Signature File were reviewed:  1) Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund Interim and Final Report for the Simpson Lake Lodge – Restoration for Cabin #1; and 2) Record of Proceedings.  Ray Price moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to approve a Free Use Material Agreement between Fremont County and East Fork Farms, LLC.  Motion carried unanimously.  Ray Price moved, Larry Allen seconded, to approve an Application/Permit to Construct Access Driveway from Wayne Stocker for Soda Springs Drive.  Motion carried unanimously.    Clarence Thomas moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to approve a License for New Construction of Utility Crossing or Encroachment from Aethon Energy for Buck Camp Road and Castle Gardens Road.  Motion carried unanimously.  Ray Price moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to approve a Cooperative Agreement for Responsibilities between the Wyoming Department of Family Services Child Support Enforcement and Fremont County Clerk of District Court.  Motion carried unanimously.  Clarence Thomas moved, Ray Price seconded, to approve Resolution No. 2017-20 “Appointment of a Special Prosecutor”.  Motion carried unanimously.


The following items in the Priority Mail were reviewed:  1) Local Government Liability Pool Official Ballot (forwarded to the following meeting); 2) WYDOT Summit on the Future of Transportation in Rural States on December 7, 2017y in Casper (forwarded to Transportation Superintendent); 3) Shoshone National Forest Travel Management Government Cooperator meeting in Thermopolis on November 20th (Vice-Chairman Allen plans to attend).  A recommendation for Fremont County Wellness Program Coordinator Penny Fahey to have that position be it’s own Department Head.  It is currently under the Public Health program.  County Clerk Julie Freese reviewed the reasoning for the recommendation.  Ray Price moved, Clarence Thomas seconded, to approve the Fremont County Wellness Program Coordinator position as a Department Head.  Motion carried unanimously.  Commissioner Clarence Thomas volunteered to serve as their Liaison.


The Public Comment period was held.


Dubois Mayor Twila Blakeman gave an update on decking that needs replaced on a bridge on Little Warm Spring Creek Road.


County and Prosecuting Attorney Patrick LeBrun was joined by Victim Witness Coordinator Tiffany Shroyer to inform the Commissioners of a Victim Witness Specialist vacancy.  They reviewed the need to fill the position as soon as possible at the positions’ current status as full-time.  The position is 80% funded by federal grants.  Larry Allen moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to authorize re-filling the position.  Motion carried unanimously.


Pavillion Mayor Tex Frazier requested use of a vacant County Shop building located in Pavillion in order to store their two pieces of heavy equipment.  Ray Price moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to have the County Attorney’s Office draft a Memorandum of Understanding with the Town of Pavillion.  Motion carried unanimously.


Transportation Superintendent Dave Pendleton was joined by Lander Vehicle Maintenance Department Supervisor Brad Meredith to provide personnel updates.   Larry Allen moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to approve the move of a Truck Driver in Lander to the Operator position in Riverton, at an entry salary of $38,000, effective November 13, 2017.  Motion carried unanimously.   As a result, a Truck Driver position will be vacant in Lander.  Larry Allen moved, Clarence Thomas seconded, to authorize advertising to fill the vacant Truck Driver position in Lander at an entry level salary of $33,472.  Motion carried unanimously.  Vice-Chairman Allen then updated the Board on a retirement in the Riverton Vehicle Maintenance Shop of the Supervisor position, and he had informed the Board during the week of his recommendation to move a tenured Mechanic in Riverton to that position.  Later in the meeting, Larry Allen moved, Ray Price seconded, to approve a salary increase to the tenured Mechanic in Riverton to take over the Shop Supervisor position at a salary of $53,541.00.  Motion carried unanimously.  After the adjustment, a Mechanic position is vacant and advertising has commenced for that position.  Interviews were held and a preferred candidate selected.  Larry Allen moved, Ray Price seconded, to fill the Mechanic position with the qualified applicant at the salary of $45,340.  Motion carried unanimously.


Dave Pendleton presented a spreadsheet of costs to repair vs. purchase a new motor grader – estimated cost per hour comparison.  Brad Meredith was present for the discussion. Chairman Becker stated the information needs to be presented to the Capital Revolving Fund Committee for a recommendation prior to being reviewed by the Commissioners.


Dave Pendleton was joined by Jim Gores, James Gores and Associates, Inc. to discuss the Moneta-Lysite Road Shoulder Widening project.  Larry Allen moved, Clarence Thomas seconded, to rescind Task Order No. 5 with James Gores and Associates for the Moneta-Lysite Road Shoulder Widening Project.  Motion carried unanimously.  Larry Allen moved, Clarence Thomas seconded, to approve the Agreement between Owner and Engineer not to exceed $546,800.  Motion carried unanimously.


Dave Pendleton gave an update on the status of Dry Creek Road.  Pendleton reported that there is no loaner available to the County to replace the blade currently out of commission for several months.  Rental fees are $6,000/month/100 hours and a rental may be necessary for up to three months until the County’s unit is repaired and back in service.  Ray Price moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to authorize the Transportation Department to enter into a rental agreement for a blade, with funding through the Transportation budget.  Motion carried unanimously.


Commissioner meeting reports were given:


Bureau of Land Management Assistant Field Manager Curtis Bryan introduced Acting Field Manager Mike Phillips, who is from the Worland Office and in the position for four months.  Bryan stated the Granite Mountain Environmental Impact Statement permit renewal will be withdrawn and instead an Environmental Analysis will be done.   Also discussed was draft management plan for South Pass area, Miner’s Delight ghost town stabilization, South Pass Aspen Project and right-of-way issues regarding snow fences.


Fremont County Museums Central Director Scott Goetz provided a quarterly update.


Fremont County Treatment Court Director Susan Shipley requested permission to contract with a licensed therapist to conduct substance abuse evaluations from January through March, 2018, on an as needed basis, while an employee is on maternity leave.  She estimated the cost to be $5,200.  She further informed the Board that the Court Supervised Treatment Program Panel met in September and discussed reallocation of reverted funds from the last fiscal year.  After deliberation, the Panel awarded the Fremont County Supervised Treatment Program an additional $74,837.28.  Shipley presented a proposal and stated that since April of 2016, CAST has been operating with one therapist, prior to that, CAST had had two therapists since its inception.  In addition, CAST reduced its staff by one probation officer July, 2017.  The financial outlook includes the additional funding plus a retiring case manager salary totaling $107,123.28.  The proposal for one full time substance abuse therapist salary and benefits, national training for members of the program, judge’s training, increased supervision and advertising will total $97,410, effectively reducing the County’s match by $9,713.28.  Likewise, the Panel awarded an additional $44,150.52 to the Juvenile Treatment Court of Fremont County.  Shipley’s proposal is for contract for evaluation, advertisement, national training for members of the program team and judge and increased supervision, totaling $29,400, effectively reducing the County’s match by $14,750.52.  Clarence Thomas moved, Ray Price seconded, to authorize the hiring of a contractual licensed therapist for JTC and a full-time substance abuse therapist for CAST.  Motion carried unanimously.


Vice-Chairman Allen stated he is finalizing the three levels of Mechanic positions and will have ready for the following meeting, along with pay scales for each level.


Ray Price moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to adjourn into Executive Session with Transportation Superintendent Dave Pendleton for personnel.  Motion carried unanimously.  Following the session with Pendleton the Board remained in Executive Session for two other personnel issues.  Ray Price moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to return to Regular Session.  Motion carried unanimously.


The 2018 Holiday List was discussed.  The Courthouse Security Committee Chairman had earlier requested January 15 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day) as having the Courthouse closed to the public to allow for a safety training (second half of ALICE training and cleaning day).  Columbus Day had also been allowed as such a day in 2017 and discussion was held on having it available for the same use in 2018.  County Clerk Julie Freese stated the Commission had also allowed her to use County employees to assist at the voting polls for both the Primary and General Election days in 2016, and those days had also had the Courthouse closed to the public.  Ray Price moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to declare the following legal holidays for 2018:  New Year’s Day, President’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day , Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day and following Friday, and Christmas Day and to further close the Courthouse to the public on Martin Luther King Day, Columbus Day, Primary Election Day and General Election Day.  Voting against the motion:  Clarence Thomas.  Motion carried.  The Commission stressed that those four days that the Courthouse is closed to the pubic are employee working days for the various reasons.


Vice-Chairman Allen stated that he was working on the Vehicle Maintenance Department job descriptions and salary levels and that perhaps all other Departments should be reviewed.  County Clerk Julie Freese stated this is a topic on the next Elected Officials meeting in January.


There being no further business, Larry Allen moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to adjourn the meeting at 1:00 p.m. and reconvene for a Regular Meeting on November 14, 2017 at 9:00 a.m.   Motion carried unanimously.


A full detailed report and the official minutes are posted on Fremont County’s website at











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