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February 6, 2018 (OFFICIAL MINUTES)

Wednesday, February 14th, 2018

STATE OF WYOMING            )                                                                                                                   LANDER, WYOMING

) ss.                                     OFFICE OF THE FREMONT COUNTY COMMISSIONERS

COUNTY OF FREMONT         )                                                                                                         FEBRUARY 6, 2018




The Board of Fremont County Commissioners met in Regular Session at 9:00 a.m. with the following members present:  Chairman Travis Becker, Vice-Chairman Larry Allen, Ray Price and Jennifer McCarty.  Commissioner Clarence Thomas was absent.   Fremont County Clerk Julie A. Freese was present for the meeting.


Larry Allen moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to approve the Agenda as amended.  Motion carried unanimously.


Ray Price moved, Larry Allen seconded, to approve the Minutes of the Regular Meeting held on January 23, 2018.  Motion carried unanimously.


Ray Price moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to accept the regular bills for payment.  Motion carried unanimously.


Each of the bills are listed below in the following format: Vendor Name-Department-Description-Total Cost.


A & I Distributors-Vehicle Maintenance-Parts/Supplies-$1,639.91; Ace Hardware Riverton-Segregated-Materials/Supplies-$123.52; Adams County Sheriff Office-County Attorney-Subpoena Service-$11.50; Airgas USA LLC-Segregated-Supplies-$576.16; AlcoPro Inc.-County Sheriff-Alcohol Sensor-$2,072.00; Allen, Larry-County Commission-Reimburse Expenses-$3,612.00; American Family & Life Ins.-Segregated-Insurance-$9,480.01; American Heritage Life Ins.-Segregated-Insurance-$35.62; AmeriGas-County Buildings-Propane-$2,607.84; ATCO International-Vehicle Maintenance-Parts/Supplies-$302.00; AXA Equitable-Segregated-Annuity-$250.00; B & B Enterprises LLC-1% Gravel Projects-Hauling Services-$2,388.56; Bailey Enterprises, Inc.-Inventory-Bulk Fuel-$25,652.21; Black Hills Energy-Segregated-Utility Services-$13,829.74; Bloedorn Lumber Lander-Segregated-Materials/Supplies-$577.01; Blue Cross Blue Shield of WY-Co Admin-Health Ins. Claims-$466,593.53; Blue Cross Blue Shield of WY-Co Admin-Health Insurance-$33,503.08; Bush, Ron-1% Gravel Projects-Contract Services-$5,527.50; CDW Government, Inc.-County Sheriff-Equipment/Supplies-$1,593.75; CenturyLink-Agriculture Department-Telephone Services-$365.03; Charter Communications-Segregated-Internet Services-$356.81; Child Support Services/ORS-Payroll-Child Support-$564.00; City Plumbing & Heating Inc.-County Buildings-Plumbing Supplies-$30.25; CMI Teco-Transportation-Parts/Supplies-$76.50; Colonial Life & Accident Ins.-Segregated-Insurance-$165.22; Communication Technologies Inc.-Dispatch Center-Maintenance Agreement/Repairs-$885.28; Cowboy Chemical Inc.-Detention Center-Inmate Laundry/Kitchen Supplies-$994.50; Davis, Karla-Segregated-Reimburse Petty Cash-$23.22; Dubois Telephone Exchange-Circuit Court Lander-Telephone Services-$648.27; E Spear Ranch-1% Gravel Projects-Contract Services-$5,335.00; Food Services of America-Detention Center-Prisoner Board-$1,156.80; Fremont Counseling Lander-Health & Welfare-Title 25-$3,625.00; Fremont County Solid Waste-County Buildings-Dump Fees-$10.50; Fremont County Treasurer-Co Admin-Health Insurance-$320,154.00; Fremont County Treasurer-Co Admin-Section 125 Benefits-$42,103.76; Fremont County Treasurer-Co Admin-Withholding/FICA-$8,997.56; Fremont County Treasurer-Health & Welfare-Indigent Care-$264,136.82; Fremont Motors Lander-Vehicle Maintenance-Parts/Supplies-$4,390.56; Fremont Orthopaedics PC-Detention Center-Inmate Medical-$1,210.00; Fremont Therapy Group LLC-Detention Center-Inmate Therapy-$844.00; Gabel, Christy-County Attorney-Reimburse Expenses-$34.40; Great West Trust-Segregated-Wyoming Benefits-$5,205.00; HealthSmart Benefit Solutions-Segregated-Insurance-$944.00; Hitshew, Rodger-Mortimore Lane Reconstruction-Irrigation Easement Addendum-$997.00; Honnen Equipment-Vehicle Maintenance-Parts/Supplies-$77.47; Hopkin, Justin-Segregated-County Health Officer-$1,400.00; I State Truck Center-Vehicle Maintenance-Parts-$89.92; Intoximeters Inc.-Detention Center-Supplies-$26.50; Jack’s Truck & Equipment-Vehicle Maintenance-Parts-$9.65; James Gores & Associates, PC-Moneta Lysite Road Shoulder-Shoulder Widening-$33,622.80; Jones Trucking Inc.-1% Gravel Projects-Contract Services-$5,335.00; Kohler Trucking Inc.-1% Gravel Projects-Contract Services-$2,200.00; Lander Medical Clinic PC-Segregated-Services-$5,326.58; Lander Valley Auto Parts-1% Infrastructure Projects-Supplies-$79.30; Lander, City of-Segregated-Water/Sewer-$2,558.76; Lawson Products, Inc.-Vehicle Maintenance-Parts/Supplies-$1,100.64; Lazzari, Bailey-Public Defender-Office Rent-$450.00; Lee, William C.-Search & Rescue-Search & Rescue-$231.77; Lyles, Jesse-County Sheriff-Reimburse Expenses-$31.20; Majdic, Thomas-County Attorney-Reimburse Expenses-$55.40; Mckee Medical Center-County Coroner-Autopsy Fees-$1,664.50; Mertens, Caleb D.-Detention Center-Reimburse Expenses-$34.89; Mr. D’s Food Center Inc.-Detention Center-Supplies-$194.60; Neopost USA Inc.-County Sheriff-Postage Machine Rental-$169.80; New York Life Insurance-Segregated-Insurance-$261.03; Norco Inc.-Segregated-Rentals/Oxygen/Supplies-$4,514.09; Northern Arapaho Child Support-Payroll-Child Support-$598.78; Northside Body Shop-Support Services-Vehicle Repairs-$10,810.67; OR Dept. of Justice-Payroll-Child Support-$500.94; Osage Industries, Inc.-Vehicle Maintenance-Parts-$313.83; Osborne Trucking Co. Inc.-1% Gravel Projects-Contract Services-$5,582.50; Owens, Jimmy L.-1% Gravel Projects-Contract Services-$4,895.00; Pacer Service Center-County Attorney-Document Copies-$34.80; Paws For Life-County Sheriff-Animal Boarding-$315.00; Phifer Law Office-District Court-Court Representation-$625.08; Phillips, Adam E.-District Court-Court Representation-$1,106.25; Plainsman Printing & Supply-Clerk of District Court-Printed Supplies-$5,084.71; Post, Raymond-County Sheriff-Car Wash-$20.85; Premier Vehicle Install., Inc.-Vehicle Maintenance-Equipment/Supplies-$183.18; Proforce Law Enforcement-County Sheriff-Tasers/Supplies-$4,340.83; Quill Corporation-County Treasurer-Office Supplies-$875.94; R T Communications-Segregated-Telephone Services-$537.39; Ratigan, Daniel, MD-Detention Center-PA Supervisor Contract-$4,500.00; Reed’s Moghaun Office Supply-Segregated-Office Supplies-$77.05; Reiman Corp.-Bridge Repair-Multiple Bridge Repairs-$31,130.00; Remote Satellite Systems-Search & Rescue-Equipment-$48.95; Riverton Physician Practices LLC-Segregated-Drug Testing-$962.00; Riverton, City of-County Buildings-Water/Sewer-$755.21; Sagewest Health Care-Detention Center-Inmate Medical/Title 25-$12,623.97; Schoneberger, Valerie-Public Defender-Office Rent-$450.00; Secretary of State-Segregated-Notary Fees-$60.00; Shoshoni Pioneer-Support Services-Advertising-$27.75; Sinks Canyon Inc.-1% Gravel Projects-Contract Services-$5,885.00; Six Robblees’ Inc.-Vehicle Maintenance-Parts/Supplies-$11.15; Society for Nutrition-Agriculture Department-Dues-$100.00; State Disbursement Unit-Payroll-Child Support-$1,119.00; State of Wyoming-Public Defender-Office Rent-$1,650.00; Stewart & Stevenson, LLC-Vehicle Maintenance-Parts/Services-$2,233.72; Stroupe Pest Control Inc.-Segregated-Pest Control-$415.00; Sysco Montana Inc.-Detention Center-Inmate Supplies-$7,832.33; Team Laboratory Chemical Corp-Transportation-Road Patch-$1,695.00; Terrance R. Martin PC-Public Defender-Office Rent-$450.00; Total Net Salaries-Segregated-Salaries-$617,918.54; Transmetron Inc.-Detention Center-Drug Test Kits-$397.83; Traveling Computers-Computer Services-Supplies/Services-$2,068.50; Tweed’s Wholesale Co-Segregated-Supplies/Inmate Board-$10,990.54; Valley Lumber & Supply Co Inc.-County Buildings-Materials/Supplies-$4.49; Verizon Wireless-Segregated-Cellphone Services-$469.10; West Payment Center-District Court-Library Plan-$60.90; Western Printing, Inc.-County Treasurer-Printed Supplies-$267.22; Witzel, Alvin J.-1% Gravel Projects-Contract Services-$2,805.00; Wyoming Assoc. of Co Ag Agents-Agriculture Department-Association Dues-$100.00; Wyoming Child Support Enforcement-Segregated-Child Support-$800.00; Wyoming Dept. of Transportation-Inventory-Titles-$4,183.20; Wyoming Dept. of Workforce Services-Co Admin-Workers Comp-$19,714.52; Wyoming Outdoor Corp-County Sheriff-Equipment-$1,102.50; Wyoming Retirement System-Co Admin-Contributions-$140,785.42; Wyoming SDU-Payroll-Child Support-$830.00; Services-$5,302.96



Ray Price moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to accept the following vouchers for Title 25 patients:  Washakie County Attorney’s Office $200; Natrona County Legal Department $1,205 and Fremont Counseling Service $2,610.  Motion carried unanimously.


The following items in the Signature File were reviewed:  1) Abatement Summary cover page; 2) letter of appreciation to Deputy Assessor for receiving 2018 Property Tax Appraiser Certification; 3) Attachment A was acknowledged as received for the Contract Between NOVO Benefits, LLC; 4) Letter of Support to Volunteers of America Northern Rockies; and 5) Record of Proceedings.  Larry Allen moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to approve a License for New Construction of Utility Crossing or Encroachment from Dubois Telephone Exchange for Trail Lake Road.  Motion carried unanimously.  Larry Allen moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to approve a License for New Construction of Utility Crossing or Encroachment from Robert Whitlock for Tunnel Hill Road.  Motion carried unanimously.


There were no action items in the Priority Mail.


There was nobody present for the Public Comment period.


Treasurer Scott Harnsberger provided a letter to the Board informing them that he will be having two full-time employees retire from the Treasurer’ Office in the current fiscal year.   Larry Allen moved, Ray Price seconded, to authorize Treasurer Harnsberger to fill both the part-time and full-time positions when vacant.  Motion carried unanimously.


In another issue, Treasurer Harnsberger requested an exemption from the recently approved Mileage Reimbursement Policy; specifically the statement for Mileage Rates “if a county car is available and they take their personal vehicle, the reimbursement rate is $.30.  If no county car is available, the reimbursement rate is $.40.”  He stated this creates an inconvenience for an employee that goes to the bank and Post Office daily.   The Commission asked Freese to send out a memo to see if there are other people this would effect and report back next Tuesday.


Larry Allen moved, Ray Price seconded, to adjourn into Executive Session with Transportation Superintendent Dave Pendleton and Deputy Civil Attorney Jodi Darrough regarding potential litigation.  Motion carried unanimously.  Larry Allen moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to return to Regular Session.  Motion carried unanimously.


Transportation Superintendent Dave Pendleton gave a Department report.  As material needs crushed in Lost Wells Butte Pit before more graveling can commence in that area, bids were sought for in-County crushing contractors, and two bids received for crushing 50,000 cubic yards:

B & B Aggregate                    $5.85                           $292,500

2 M Construction, Inc.           $6.26                           $312,500 plus mobilization $9,500

Pendleton stated it is unknown whether or not additional equipment (excavator) will be needed until the project actually starts, but stated if one is required, it would cost an additional $30,000 as the equipment would be rented from Wyoming Machinery Company.  Larry Allen moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to accept the low bid of $292,500 from B & B Aggregate to crush 50,000 cubic yards at the Lost Wells Butte Pit with funding through the One Percent fund.  Motion carried unanimously.


Dave Pendleton stated the County received a State of Wyoming Perpetual Roadway Easement for the use and benefit of the Pierle Family Limited Partnership for a 1.6 mile stretch of East Fork Road off Highway 26 in Dubois.  Chairman Becker asked for a compilation of costs to the Pierle Family and stated he would discuss at the upcoming Legislative Conference in Cheyenne the County Commissioners would be attending, and his belief that the State ROW should not be required as the East Fork Road has been a County road since 1912.  A Bureau of Land Management Right-of-Way Agreement was presented, giving Fremont County an additional 18” ROW in order to construct, operate, maintain and terminate extension of area for replacement of culverts with a bottomless arch culvert, in Alkali Creek, on the East Fork Road, on BLM ground.  The project has received federal funding.  Ray Price moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to approve the ROW Agreement submission.  Motion carried unanimously.


Several other items were discussed by Dave Pendleton.


Volunteers of America Center of Hope Program Director Shelly Mbonu presented a Second Quarter report (October-December 2017).  Accompanying her was Barb Beebe, Assistant Program Director.


A Public Hearing was held at 10:15 a.m., as advertised, regarding a Transfer of Ownership of a Retail Liquor License from Long Shot Adventures, Inc. to JBALL WY Adventure Ranch, LLC d/b/a Crooked Creek Guest Ranch.  Manager Leah Vermeire was present, representing the new owner.  She stated no changes are expected except for planned improvements.  She has also received her TIPS certification which makes the establishment eligible for the 15% fee reduction.  There was nobody present in the audience, either for or against the transfer.  Ray Price moved, Larry Allen seconded, to approve the Transfer of Ownership to JBALL WY Adventure Ranch, LLC d/b/a Crooked Creek Guest Ranch.  Motion carried unanimously.


A Public Hearing was held at 10:30 a.m., as advertised, seeking public input and comment on an Economic Development Infrastructure Community Development Block Grant project that funded ADA improvements to the front entry of the Fremont County Courthouse to make it handicap accessible.  There was nobody present in the audience, either for or against, the project.  Fremont County Building Maintenance Supervisor JR Oakley reviewed the ramp and heated sidewalks which were part of the project.  To date, he recently received one negative comment that the walkway was not lighted during the evening hours, as related to an evening meeting held monthly in the Courthouse.  In closing, he stated the final project is functional and provides adequate handicap accessibility to the Courthouse during normal working hours.


MASA Medical Transport Solutions Sales Manager Gary Robson presented the final Employer Benefit Agreement with Fremont County.  The Commissioners had negotiated several items on the Agreement and the MASA Corporate Attorney had intended to participate via speaker phone; however, was unavailable.  Hobson proceeded to outline the changes made to the Agreement as requested by the County.   Ray Price moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to approve the Employer Benefit Agreement, effective February 6, 2018, at a rate of $99/year per employee for a two year period.  Motion carried unanimously.


Fremont County Planning Supervisor Steve Baumann requested approval to send the Small Wastewater Specialist to the Water and Wastewater Equipment, Treatment and Transport (WHETT) seminar in Indianapolis.   Due to budgetary constraints, the Planning Department has not sent the Small Wastewater Specialist to the training since 2014; however, Baumann states the current budget will be able to cover the $2,000 anticipated cost of the training and travel.  Ray Price moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to approve sending the Small Wastewater Specialist to the WHETT conference for a cost not to exceed $2,000.  Voting against the motion:  Larry Allen.  Motion carried.


Steve Baumann presented the Final Plat of the Pattys Way Simple Subdivision.  This is a proposed two lot subdivision, located approximately ¾ miles east Kinnear on Highway 26.  As both lots abut Highway 26 which has a 150’ right-of-way already existing for utilities, the Sub-divider requested a variance to the provision for an additional 20’ right-of-way for utility easement along the highway.  This will require a variance from the Simple Subdivision Regulations.   The Fremont County Planning Commission approve both the Variance and Final Plat.   Ray Price moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to approve the Variance to Chapter III Section 3(B)(XIV) of the Fremont County Simple Subdivision Regulations allowing the removal of the utility and drainage easement along the south boundary of Lots 1 and 2.  Motion carried unanimously.  Ray Price moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to approve the final Plat of the Pattys Way Subdivision.  Motion carried unanimously.


Steve Baumann presented a final plat of the Redoubt Simple Subdivision, a one lot subdivision located on Tunnel Hill Road, approximately 2.4 miles north of Missouri Valley Road.  The Fremont County Planning Commission approved the plat.  Ray Price moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to approve the Redoubt Simple Subdivision.  Motion carried unanimously.


Steve Baumann presented a final plat of the Bend of the River Subdivision Replat of Lot 2.  This is a proposed division of original Lot 2 into three lots.  The Fremont County Planning Commission approved the plat.  Ray Price moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to approve the Bend of the River Subdivision Replat of Lot 2.  Motion carried unanimously.


County Assessor Tara Berg was joined by GIS staff Chip Williams and Andy Fontaine and Fremont County Planner Steve Baumann, to request approval to upgrade the Maintenance Agreements with Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI), who provides the software that defines parcel layers.  Current maintenance is $4,300 and the new proposed yearly contract amount would be $10,600.  This would be an additional request to the FY 2017-18 budget of $6,300, which would be split between the Assessor ($2,350) and Planning Department ($3,950).    Ray Price moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to approve the upgraded Maintenance Agreement at the additional cost of $6,300 for the current fiscal year for the Assessor and Planning Department.  Motion carried unanimously.  Both budgets will be monitored and infused from the Cash Reserve if necessary for the additional amount prior to the end of the current fiscal year.


Vice-Chairman Allen and Financial Planner Joe Felix reviewed a draft Resolution authorizing submission of a Federal Mineral Royalty Capital Construction Account Grant Application to the State Land and Investment Board for the purpose of remounting two ambulance boxes onto new 2019 Dodge 4500 4×4 Chassis cabs.  The grant would be a 50/50 match and the County’s match of $99,580 would be funded from the Fremont County Ambulance Fund.  Allen and Felix will rework the numbers and present an updated Resolution during the following meeting to apply for funding for the two new cab and chassis remounts and possibly three remounts.


Fremont County Public Health Nurse Supervisor Kathleen Laidlaw updated the Board on two recent resignations.  The Lander Office Nurse Supervisor will be resigning the mid-February.  This position is a full-time direct care/program supervisory position.  Pursuant to the Wyoming Department of Health, Public Health Nursing Division, the Commissioners must give approval to fill both vacancies.  Ray Price moved, Larry Allen seconded, to approve refilling the position.  Motion carried unanimously.  The second position is currently a 24 hour/week position, grant funded through the State, for the Maternal Child Health program.  Laidlaw requested the position be upgraded to a full-time position and confirmed the State pays 100%.  Ray Price moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to approve refilling the Maternal Child Health nurse position at the full-time classification.  Motion carried unanimously.


County Clerk Julie Freese asked the Commission to consider the process for the upcoming budget session (FY 2018-19).


In other business, Julie Freese stated the final Town Meeting will be held on Thursday in the Commissioners’ Chambers for the Lander area citizens.


There being no further business, Larry Allen moved, Ray Price seconded, to adjourn the meeting at 12:20 p.m. and reconvene for a Regular Meeting on February 13, 2018 at 9:00 a.m.   Motion carried unanimously.


A full detailed report and the official minutes are posted on Fremont County’s website at











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