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September 18, 2018 (OFFICIAL MINUTES)

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018

STATE OF WYOMING            )                                                                                                                    LANDER, WYOMING

) ss.                                      OFFICE OF THE FREMONT COUNTY COMMISSIONERS

COUNTY OF FREMONT         )                                                                                                    SEPTEMBER 18, 2018





The Board of Fremont County Commissioners met in Regular Session at 9:00 a.m. with the following members present:  Chairman Travis Becker, Vice-Chairman Larry Allen, Ray Price, Jennifer McCarty and Clarence Thomas.  Fremont County Clerk Julie A. Freese was present for the meeting.


Larry Allen moved, Clarence Thomas seconded, to approve the Agenda as amended.  Motion carried unanimously.


Jennifer McCarty moved, Clarence Thomas seconded, to approve the minutes of the Regular Meeting held on September 11, 2018.  Motion carried unanimously.


Larry Allen moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to accept the bills for payment.  Motion carried unanimously.


All of the bills are listed below in the following format: Vendor Name-Department-Description-Total Cost.


71 Construction-Road Material Inventory-Materials-$163,857.00; Ace Hardware Lander-Segregated-Materials/Supplies-$425.20; Ace Hardware Riverton-County Buildings-Materials/Supplies-$62.50; Airgas USA LLC-Vehicle Maintenance-Supplies-$248.71; Anda Inc.-Public Health-Vaccine-$8,447.30; Artery Construction Inc.-1% Gravel Projects-Contract Services-$12,320.00; Bailey Enterprises, Inc.-Segregated-Fuel-$23,020.95; Bank of the West-Segregated-Card Charges-$31,313.13; Big Sky Communications Inc.-Dispatch Center-Equipment-$804.00; Bill Jones Plumbing & Heating-Segregated-Supplies-$601.79; Bloedorn Lumber Lander-County Buildings-Materials/Supplies-$356.22; BLR-County Clerk-HR Subscription-$1,295.00; City Plumbing & Heating Inc.-County Buildings-Plumbing Supplies-$4.60; Communication Technologies Inc.-Dispatch Center-Maintenance Agreement/Repairs-$53.75; Cowboy Chemical Inc.-Detention Center-Inmate Laundry/Kitchen Supply-$540.90; Dave’s Asphalt, Inc.-1% Gravel Projects-Materials-$30,277.50; Davis, Karla-County Sheriff-Reimburse Expenses-$194.40; Denevan, Danny L.-1% Gravel Projects-Contract Services-$6,517.50; Dubois Frontier, The-County Elections-Advertising-$348.03; Eagle Uniform & Supply Co-Vehicle Maintenance-Laundry Services-$347.42; Eaton Sales & Service, LLC-Fuel Facility-Parts/Supplies-$788.87; Edwards Communications-County Elections-Advertising-$350.00; Election Systems & Software, Inc.-County Elections-Voting Machines Supplies-$734.09; Federal Express Corp-County Elections-Shipping Fees-$484.85; Food Services of America-Detention Center-Prisoner Board-$1,113.69; Freese, Burton D.-County Elections-Courier-$64.40; Fremont Broadcasting-County Elections-Advertising-$150.00; Fremont County Solid Waste-County Buildings Detention-Dump Fees-$5.00; Guardian EMS Inc.-Detention Center-Inmate Medical Transport-$1,656.00; High Country Construction Inc.-Road Material Inventory-Materials-$8,791.75; High Plains Power, Inc.-County Buildings-Utility Services-$924.94; Irvine, Dudley-County Elections-Reimburse Expenses-$15.20; J. Brower Psychological Services-Detention Center-Contract Services-$900.00; Jack’s Truck & Equipment-Vehicle Maintenance-Parts-$655.52; John Deere Financial-Segregated-Materials/Supplies-$165.28; King Franz, Tierney-Detention Center-Reimburse Expenses-$30.00; Kisling, Lisa-District Court-Professional Services-$60.00; Lander Valley Auto Parts-Vehicle Maintenance-Parts/Supplies-$3,137.00; Linton’s Big R Store-Detention Center-Uniform Supplies-$67.98; LL Smith Trucking-1% Gravel Projects-Contract Services-$4,317.50; Mark’s Auto Sales & Towing-Abandoned Vehicles-Vehicle Towing-$368.00; Mcomie, Lisa-County Elections-Reimburse Expenses-$15.00; Mountain West Towing LLC-Abandoned Vehicles-Vehicle Towing-$347.60; Mr. D’s Food Center Inc.-Dispatch Center-Supplies-$41.81; Napa Auto Parts Riverton-Segregated-Parts/Supplies-$426.74; Natrona County Sheriff-Detention Center-Inmate Housing-$2,925.00; N Compliance Safety Services, Inc.-Transportation-Lodging/Compliance Audit-$159.39; Neopost USA Inc.-Support Services-Postage Machine-$250.46; Noble Medical, Inc.-County Sheriff-Drug Testing Supplies-$400.00; Norco Inc.-Vehicle Maintenance-Supplies-$93.22; Novo Benefits-Health Benefit Plan-Insurance Services-$4,677.00; Office Shop Inc., The-Detention Center-Service Agreement-$74.28; Olson’s Auto Body & Towing-Abandoned Vehicles-Towing-$285.00; Pavillion, Town of-County Buildings-Water-$112.50; Phifer Law Office-District Court-Court Representation-$34.00; Phillips, Adam E.-District Court-Court Representation-$506.25; Post, Raymond-Segregated-Car Wash-$38.11; Quick Set Auto Glass-Vehicle Maintenance-Windshields/Repairs-$360.00; R C Lock & Key-County Buildings-Keys/Supplies/Services-$450.00; R R Brink Locking Systems Inc.-County Buildings Detention-Materials/Supplies-$304.00; Reed, Debra L.-County Elections-Reimburse Expenses-$9.00; Reed’s Moghaun Office Supply-County Elections-Office Supplies-$32.05; Riverton Physician Practices LLC-Transportation-Drug Testing-$331.00; Riverton Ranger, Inc.-Segregated-Advertising-$11,584.03; Rock Springs IV Center-Detention Center-Inmate Medical-$11,946.08; Rocky Mountain Logistics Inc.-1% Gravel Projects-Contract Services-$9,927.50; Rocky Mountain Power-County Buildings-Utility Services-$1,578.28; Sanders, Alexandra-Dispatch Center-Reimburse Expenses-$46.05; Shirts & More Inc.-Dispatch Center-Uniform Supplies-$121.00; Shoshoni Pioneer-County Elections-Advertising-$549.25; Smith, Kristi-County Elections-Reimburse Expenses-$9.00; Snider, Yvonne-Victim Services Sheriff-Reimburse Expenses-$172.80; Stitches Embroidery Inc.-County Sheriff-Embroidering/Uniforms-$192.00; Sweetwater Aire LLC-County Buildings-Maintenance-$440.00; Sysco Montana Inc.-Detention Center-Inmate Supplies-$10,896.42; Talkington, Kay-Detention Center-Inmate Clothing Repairs-$90.00; Terrance R. Martin PC-County Commission-Property Tax Hearing-$340.00; TW Vending, Inc.-Detention Center-Inmate Supplies-$88.95; Valley Lumber & Supply Co Inc.-County Buildings Detention-Materials/Supplies-$28.55; Verizon Wireless-Segregated-Cellphone Service-$199.08; Western Health Screening-Health Benefit Plan-Health Screenings-$2,250.00; Western Printing, Inc.-County Assessor-Printed Supplies-$207.72; Wheeler, Hayley-County Elections-Reimburse Expenses-$16.50; Wyoming Dept of Transportation-Segregated-Fuel-$3,140.85; Wyoming Health Medical Group-Detention Center-Inmate Medical-$1,591.00; Wyoming Otolaryngology PC-Detention Center-Inmate Medical-$394.61; Sheriff-Internet Services-$999.95


The following items in the Signature File were reviewed:  1) Abatement Summary; 2) Memorandum of Understanding between the Office of the Wyoming Attorney General and the County of Fremont regarding the opioid crisis in Wyoming (taken under advisement); and 2) Record of Proceedings.  Clarence Thomas moved, Larry Allen seconded, to approve a Youth Services Agreement with City of Lander for the term July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019.  Motion carried unanimously.  Clarence Thomas moved, Larry Allen seconded, to ratify approval of a letter to Natural Resource Conservation Services as co-sponsor of an Emergency Watershed Protection Project on behalf of Lower Wind River Conservation District.  Motion carried unanimously.  Clarence Thomas moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to approve a Temporary Construction Easement for The Nature Conservancy.  Motion carried unanimously.  Clarence Thomas moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to approve a Notice to Proceed to Jerry Bornhoft Construction Inc. for the FEMA funded project (Structure KEM Rip Rap Repairs) which will replace the existing riprap armor on the northern abutment of a bridge on North Fork Road near Fort Washakie that crosses the South Fork of the Little Wind River.  Motion carried unanimously.  Clarence Thomas moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to approve a License for New Construction of Utility Crossing or Encroachment submitted by High Plains Power for Deadman Gulch Road.  Motion carried unanimously.   Jennifer McCarty moved, Ray Price seconded, to approve a Volunteers of America Northern Rockies Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Program Quarterly Report and Reimbursement Request of $2,181.89.  Motion carried unanimously.


The following items in Priority Mail were reviewed:  1) Board of Teton County Commissioners request to collaborate in a conversation about a statewide and/or regional disposal plan for wildlife carcasses due to the expanding threat of Chronic Wasting Disease (letter to follow declining to accept out of county animals at solid waste facilities);  2) FEMA final request for information on pending first appeal (flood mitigation activities performed prior to May 31, 2017) (taken under advisement until October 2, 2018 pending further review by Emergency Management Coordinator); 3) Bureau of Indian Affairs Notice of Decision for two applications from Northern Arapaho Tribe of the Wind River Indian Reservation to have subject real property accepted by the United State of America in trust for the Northern Arapaho Tribe.  Jennifer McCarty moved, Ray Price seconded, to appeal the two Notice of Decisions for the two applications.  Motion carried unanimously; 4) US Census Bureau information (Chairman Becker to review); and 5) Bureau of Land Management letter regarding two separate e-mails from Western Watersheds Project regarding rangeland management issues and interested public designation (Chairman Becker and Commissioner McCarty to review information).


The public comment period was held.


Charter Communications Senior Manager of Governmental Affairs Erik Rasmussen briefly joined the meeting to present a Permit Extension Agreement for the franchise agreement with Fremont County.  Commissioner Thomas had volunteered to research the Agreement currently in place and set to expire in 2020, and stated he had no issues with proceeding with the process.  That will include advertising for a 45-day comment period.  The Public Hearing was set for November 27, 2018 at 10:30 a.m. and advertising will commence immediately.



Fremont County and Prosecuting Attorney Patrick LeBrun stated he had moved the current Victim Witness Coordinator into the vacant Operations Assistant position at the entry level salary.  He subsequently asked for authorization to fill the now vacant Victim Witness Coordinator position at the entry level salary of $31,200.  Ray Price moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to approve filling the vacancy.  Motion carried unanimously.


A Public Hearing was held at 9:25 a.m., as advertised, regarding Unanticipated Revenues.  Present was Fremont County Clerk Julie Freese and Financial Assistant Joe Felix.  Larry Allen moved, Ray Price seconded, to approve Resolution No. 2018-25 “FY 2018-19 Budget Amendment No. 2”.  Motion carried unanimously.  Freese noted the 24/7 program was discussed during the preliminary budget hearing held the previous week; however, is pending more information before proceeding.


Mary “Molly” Herber was present to re-interview for a vacancy on the Fremont County Library Board.  Current member Sharon Mensing is unable to attend meetings due to being out of state for health related issues.  Jennifer McCarty moved, Ray Price seconded, to approve a vacancy created by Sharon Mensing’s continued absence.  Motion carried unanimously.  Ray Price moved, Larry Allen seconded, to appoint Molly Herber to the vacancy on the Fremont County Library Board, with term to expire June 30, 2020.  Motion carried unanimously.


Anthony Luscombe and Peter Gottfried interviewed for a three year term on the Fremont County Planning Commission.  Later in the meeting, the Board declined to appoint either individual and requested the opening be advertised once more.


Public Health Nurse Manager Kathleen Laidlaw introduced newly hired Fremont County Health Officer Dr. Brian Gee.  He has been a physician in Fremont County since 2002.  He worked 14 years in the SageWest Lander emergency room and has currently spent the past three years in the Lander Medical Clinic’s Urgent Care.  The Commissioners thanked him for his interest in working with Fremont County in this position.


Kathy Laidlaw proceeded to provide a Department update.


Ninth District Court Judge Young provided several informational updates to the Commission.


JR Oakley also serves as the Chairman of the Building Safety and Security Committee.  Columbus Day (October 8) was discussed as typically having the Courthouse closed to the public so that employees can participate in in-house safety training and cleaning activities.  He recommended the Courthouse remain open on Columbus Day for “business as usual” as the Committee is not ready to present the ALICE refresher course and the unknown completion day of the federal trial beginning October 1st, which could carry over to the following week.  In that event, it is next to impossible to close one part of the Courthouse and not the Court areas.  Clarence Thomas moved, Ray Price seconded, to keep the Courthouse open for business on Columbus Day, October 8, 2018.  Motion carried unanimously.


Larry Allen moved, Clarence Thomas seconded, to adjourn into Executive Session for personnel.  Motion carried unanimously.  Larry Allen moved, Clarence Thomas seconded, to return to Regular Session.  Motion carried unanimously.


Chairman Travis Becker stated a suitable applicant has been selected for the Lander Truck Driver position and he requested authorization to offer the position to the candidate, pending the necessary background check, at the entry level salary.  Ray Price moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to approve filling the Truck Driver position.  Motion carried unanimously.


Commissioner meeting reports were given:


Ray Price moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to accept the bid from Larry H. Miller Ford, Salt Lake City, not to exceed $33,000 for a new Coroner’s Office pickup with topper and responsive equipment.  Motion carried unanimously.  The funding for the purchase is through the Capital Revolving Fund.


There being no further business, Jennifer McCarty moved, Ray Price seconded, to adjourn the meeting at 11:45 a.m. and reconvene for a Regular Meeting on October 2, 2018.  Motion carried unanimously.


A full detailed report and the official minutes are posted on Fremont County’s website at










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