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December 11, 2018 (OFFICIAL MINUTES)

Wednesday, December 19th, 2018

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) ss.                                      OFFICE OF THE FREMONT COUNTY COMMISSIONERS

COUNTY OF FREMONT         )                                                                                                      DECEMBER 11, 2018





The Board of Fremont County Commissioners met in Regular Session at 9:00 a.m. with the following members present:  Chairman Travis Becker, Ray Price, Jennifer McCarty and Clarence Thomas.  Vice-Chairman Larry Allen was absent for personal reasons.  Fremont County Deputy Clerk Margy Irvine was present for the meeting.


Ray Price moved, Clarence Thomas seconded, to approve the Agenda as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.


Ray Price moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to approve the Minutes of the December 4, 2018 meeting.  Commissioner McCarty abstained due to her absence at said meeting.  Motion carried.


Ray Price moved, Clarence Thomas seconded, to accept the bills for payment.  Motion carried unanimously.


Bills Are Listed Below In The Following Format: Vendor Name-Department-Description-Total Cost.


307 Shredding LLC DBA-Segregated-Shredding Services-$590.63; Ace Hardware Lander-County Sheriff-Materials/Supplies-$7.37; Ameda Inc.-Public Health-Supplies-$1,185.00; AmeriGas Propane LP-County Buildings-Propane-$2,426.40; Anda Inc.-Public Health-Vaccines-$14,840.00; B & B Enterprises LLC-Transportation-Signs/Supplies-$404.00; Bailey Enterprises, Inc.-Segregated-Fuel-$353.90; Bank of the West-Segregated-Credit Card Charges-$35,125.31; Best Western Ramkota-Dispatch Center-Lodging/Meals-$1,079.00; Bill’s Quality Auto Glass-Vehicle Maintenance-Windshield Repair-$420.31; Bowdel Steven P.-Detention Center-Medical Services-$1,187.50; Breadboard, The-County Sheriff-Meals-$86.20; Brock, Kristine-Search & Rescue-Assignment-$400.90; Cardenas, Steve-Transportation-Uniform Reimbursement-$209.95; Carroll Septic Service-Transportation-Services-$150.00; Central Wyoming College-Dispatch Center-Tower Lease-$270.78; ChristianSteven Software LLC-Segregated-Software-$1,303.17; Classic Helicopter Group LLC-Search & Rescue-Helicopter Flight-$4,070.00; Clifford, Gregory P. MD PC-Detention Center-Inmate Medical-$2,513.00; CNA Surety-County Commission-Surety-$100.00; Coast to Coast Computer Products Inc.-Detention Center-Computer Supplies-$363.84; Communication Technologies Inc.-Segregated-Maintenance/Repairs-$408.75; Cowboy Chemical Inc.-County Buildings Detention-Inmate Laundry/Kitchen Supply-$927.30; Eagle Uniform & Supply Co-Vehicle Maintenance-Laundry Services-$71.26; Facinelli, Yvonne-County Elections-Reimburse Expenses-$28.98; Federal Express Corp-County Sheriff-Shipping Fees-$14.73; Freese, Burton D.-County Elections-Reimburse Expenses-$36.00; Fremont Movers Inc.-County Sheriff-Contract Services-$1,184.00; Fyler, John-County Sheriff-Reimburse Expenses-$47.00; Gantenbein, Connie-Public Health-Reimburse Expenses-$186.30; Globalstar USA-Search & Rescue-Satellite Phone Service-$184.23; HDR Engineering Inc.-Segregated-Engineering Services-$14,599.95; Honnen Equipment -Segregated-Parts/Supplies-$1,960.96; Information Syst Consult Inc.-Dispatch Center-Service Agreement/Equipment-$29,348.00; Irvine, Dudley-County Elections-Reimburse Expenses-$15.20; J. Brower Psychological Services-Detention Center-Contract Services-$300.00; Judicial Dialog Systems-County Attorney-Maintenance/Support-$10,159.27; Kone Inc.-Segregated-Elevator Maintenance-$1,215.21; Lander Medical Clinic PC-Detention Center-Inmate Medical-$3,157.25; Lander Valley Physicians Pract-Detention Center-Inmate Medical-$376.00; Lander Vision Center-Detention Center-Inmate Medical-$105.00; Lander, City of-Segregated-Water/Sewer-$2,046.51; Leonard, Anthony G.-Detention Center-Inmate Medical Services-$1,560.00; Linton’s Big R Store-Segregated-Uniform Supplies-$101.97; Little America Hotels & Resorts Inc.-County Sheriff-Lodging/Meals-$279.00; Lyles, Jesse-County Sheriff-Reimburse Expenses-$48.00; Lynn, Jane-County Elections-Election Judge-$156.00; Mark’s Auto Sales & Towing-Abandoned Vehicles-Towing-$80.00; Martin, Brice L.-Search & Rescue-Assignment-$86.77; Mcomie, Lisa-County Elections-Reimburse Expenses-$15.00; Miller, Margaret-District Court-Court Appointments-$405.00; Mountain Dental PC-Detention Center-Inmate Medical-$1,423.00; Mr. D’s Food Center Inc.-Segregated-Supplies-$119.21; National Business Systems Inc.-County Treasurer-Service Charges For Renewal Cards-$473.53; Natrona County Sheriff-Detention Center-Inmate Housing-$14,332.50; Office Shop Inc., The-Segregated-Service Agreement-$185.87; One Stop Market-Search & Rescue-Supplies-$118.92; Post, Raymond-County Sheriff-Car Wash-$19.11; Print Shop, The-County Sheriff-Printed Office Supplies-$105.50; Pro Repair Plus-Abandoned Vehicles-Vehicle Towing-$125.00; Quill Corporation-County Treasurer-Office/Computer Supplies-$234.93; Rapid Fire Protection, Inc.-County Buildings Detention-Fire Sprinklers Inspection-$1,100.00; Ratigan, Daniel, MD-Detention Center-PA Supervisor Contract-$4,500.00; Reed, Debra L.-County Elections-Reimburse Expenses-$9.00; Relx, Inc.-County Attorney-Research Subscription-$1,190.00; Remote Satellite Systems-Search & Rescue-Equipment-$56.00; Rendezvous Air LLC-Search & Rescue-Services-$1,350.00; Riverton Physician Practices LLC-Segregated-Drug Testing-$309.00; Riverton Ranger, Inc.-Segregated-Subscriptions/Advertising-$6,363.38; Riverton Search & Rescue-Search & Rescue-Reimburse Expenses-$1,050.00; Rocky Mountain Infectious Diseases-Detention Center-Inmate Services-$1,917.00; Rocky Mountain Power-Segregated-Utilities-$10,686.10; SageWest Health Care-Detention Center-Inmate Services-$9,085.67; Shoshoni, Town of-Transportation-Water/Sewer-$52.00; Skaggs Companies, Inc.-County Sheriff-Uniforms/Supplies-$8,113.00; Smith, Kristi-County Elections-Reimburse Expenses-$9.00; Snider, Yvonne-Sheriff Victim Services-Reimburse Expenses-$151.20; Talkington, Kay-Detention Center-Inmate Clothing Repairs-$81.00; Taylor Creek Exxon-County Sheriff-Car Wash-$5.00; Traveling Computers-Computer Services-Rewire Public Health-$8,368.28; Ultramax-County Sheriff-Ammunition-$596.00; Verizon Wireless-Segregated-Cellphone Services-$549.33; Wacers-Transportation-Membership Dues -$50.00; Wall, Kolten-Dispatch Center-Reimburse Expenses-$87.00; WCS Telecom-Segregated-Telephone Services-$870.58; Wilkerson, James A, IV, MD PC-County Coroner-Autopsy-$1,175.00; Wind River Radiology PC-Detention Center-Inmate Medical-$912.00; Wind River Towing-Abandoned Vehicles-Towing-$160.00; WY Dept of Transportation-Vehicle Maintenance-New Plate-$5.00; Wyoming APCO Chapter-Dispatch Center-Training-$150.00; Wyoming Neurologic Associates LLC-Detention Center-Inmate Medical-$1,292.50; Wyoming Office Attorney General-24/7 Program-Fees Collected-$3,512.00; Wyoming Waste Systems-Segregated-Trash Removal-$2,704.06; Sheriff-Internet Services-$999.95.


The following items in the Signature File were reviewed:  1) letter of appreciation to Gloria Philp for her service on the Fremont County Fair Board; 2) Official Bond and Oath for Assessor Tara Berg, Deputy Assessor Angela Wilson and County Coroner Mark Stratmoen; and 3) Record of Proceedings.  Clarence Thomas moved, Ray Price seconded, to approve an Application/Permit to Construct an Access Driveway submitted by Black Hills Energy for Honor Farm Road.  Motion carried unanimously.  Clarence Thomas moved, Ray Price seconded, to approve Amendment No. 9 to Inberg-Miller Engineers Master Services Agreement for the Cooper Road Corridor Study.   Motion carried unanimously.  Jennifer McCarty moved, Ray Price seconded, to approve a Nelson Engineering Proposal/Letter Agreement for Easement Preparation for Horse Creek Road, Dubois, Wyoming.  Motion carried unanimously.


The following documents were reviewed, all relating to the Moneta-Lysite Road Shoulder Widening Project:  Bureau of Land Management letter granting a one time, site-specific exemption to the Wildlife Crucial Winter Range stipulation; James Gores & Associates invoice for November services; and Army Corps of Engineers authorization for Fremont County to commence with activities described as related to the project to be valid until March 18, 2022.


The Public Comment period was held.


North 2nd Street landowner Dave Tafoya reviewed drainage issues he felt were caused by ditches and pipes not being cleaned adequately.


County Coroner Mark Stratmoen presented a monthly update.


Commissioner meeting reports were given:


Fremont County Library Director Janette McMahon was joined by Financial Assistant Joe Felix to review the Riverton Roof & Drainage Project.  The final walk through with the engineer will take place to ensure the asphalt compaction meets specifications.


In her absence, County Clerk Julie Freese had been asked by other Elected Officials to approach the Commission and see if they would grant either a half day or full day holiday on December 24, 2018.  The other Elected Officials, other than the Commissioners, had recommended a full day.  Following discussion that banks would be closing early that day and that we are a place of business, Clarence Thomas moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to close the Courthouse at noon on December 24, 2018 as a holiday for County employees.  Motion carried unanimously.


Jennifer McCarty moved, Ray Price seconded, to adjourn into Executive Session for personnel and then a session with Chief Civil Deputy Jodi Darrough for potential litigation.  Motion carried unanimously.  Ray Price moved, Clarence Thomas seconded, to return to Regular Session.  Motion carried unanimously.


There being no further business, Ray Price moved, Clarence Thomas seconded, to adjourn the meeting at 10:40 a.m. and reconvene for a Regular Meeting on December 18, 2018.  Motion carried unanimously.


A full detailed report and the official minutes are posted on Fremont County’s website at









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