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December 18, 2018 (OFFICIAL MINUTES)

Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

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) ss.                                      OFFICE OF THE FREMONT COUNTY COMMISSIONERS

COUNTY OF FREMONT         )                                                                                                      DECEMBER 18, 2018





The Board of Fremont County Commissioners met in Regular Session at 9:00 a.m. with the following members present:  Chairman Travis Becker, Vice-Chairman Larry Allen, Ray Price, Jennifer McCarty and Clarence Thomas.   Fremont County Clerk Julie A. Freese was present for the meeting.


Larry Allen moved, Clarence Thomas seconded, to approve the Agenda as amended.  Motion carried unanimously.


Ray Price moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to approve the Minutes of the December 11, 2018 meeting.  Motion carried unanimously.


Ray Price moved, Clarence Thomas seconded, to accept the bills for payment with the exception of a voucher to Fleetpride, Inc., pending clarification.  Motion carried unanimously.   Later in the meeting, Larry Allen moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to accept the Fleetpride, Inc. voucher for payment.  Motion carried unanimously.


Bills are listed below in the following format: Vendor Name-Department-Description-Amount.


A & I Distributors-Vehicle Maintenance-Parts-$653.95; Alsco Inc.-Segregated-Laundry-$195.36; American Family & Life Ins.-Segregated-Insurance-$9,347.54; American Heritage Life Ins-Segregated-Insurance-$20.70; AmeriGas-County Buildings-Supplies-$446.06; AXA Equitable PEDC-Segregated-Annuity-$200.00; B & B Enterprises LLC-Transportation-Signs/Equipment-$225.00; Bailey Enterprises, Inc.-Inventory-Fuel-$12,855.33; Bank of the West Acct Analysis-Investment Pool-Bank Charges-$1,030.01; Best Western Ramkota-County Commission-Lodging-$83.00; Black Hills Energy-Segregated-Utilities-$12,023.71; Blue Cross Blue Shield of WY-Co Admin-Health Ins Claims-$306,489.74; Blue Cross Blue Shield of WY-Co Admin-Admin Fees-$42,315.44; Bowdel Steven P.-Detention Center-Medical Services-$2,187.50; CenturyLink-Segregated-Telephone Services-$492.72; Charter Communications-Segregated-Internet Services-$228.55; Child Support Services/ORS-Payroll-Child Support-$564.00; Cloud Peak Counseling Center-Health & Welfare-Title 25-$975.00; Colonial Life & Accident Ins-Segregated-Insurance-$165.22; Communication Technologies Inc.-Vehicle Maintenance-Maintenance Agreement-$174.38; Decoria Maichel & Teague, PS-Segregated-Audit Fees-$20,800.00; Dubois Telephone Exchange-Segregated-Telephone Services-$648.76; Eagle Uniform & Supply Co-Vehicle Maintenance-Laundry Services-$71.26; Eaton Sales & Service, LLC-Fuel Facility-Repairs-$240.00; FC Circuit Court-Payroll-Garnishment-$634.37; Freese, Julie-County Clerk-Reimburse Expenses-$152.80; Fremont County Solid Waste-County Buildings-Dump Fees-$43.80; Fremont County Treasurer-Co Admin-Health Insurance-$333,866.00; Fremont County Treasurer-Co Admin-Withholding/FICA-$206,787.92; Fremont County Treasurer-Co Admin-Section 125 Benefits-$42,212.19; Fremont Frameworks-Clerk of District Court-Photo Framing-$115.93; Fremont Motor Riverton Inc.-Vehicle Maintenance-Parts/Supplies-$405.28; Gee, Brian-Segregated-County Health Officer-$1,400.00; Grainger-Segregated-Materials/Supplies-$231.60; Great West Trust-Segregated-Wyoming Benefits-$7,575.00; Groomsmith, Tauna-Prevention Program-Reimburse Expenses-$252.40; HDR Engineering Inc.-Peterson Bridge-Engineering Services-$7,933.41; HealthSmart Benefit Solutions-Segregated-Insurance-$896.00; Honnen Equipment-Vehicle Maintenance-Parts/Supplies-$1,870.01; Inberg Miller Engineers-Riverview Road Asphalt Overlay-Engineering Services-$774.90; Johnson Controls, Inc.-County Buildings-Maintenance/Parts-$1,979.90; Kisling, Lisa-Public Defender-Office Rent-$450.00; Laidlaw, Kathleen-Public Health-Reimburse Expenses-$349.20; Lander, City of-Segregated-Water/Sewer-$2,346.35; Lawson Products, Inc.-Vehicle Maintenance-Parts/Supplies-$798.78; Lazzari, Bailey-Public Defender-Office Rent-$450.00; Leisy, Glen-Transportation-Reimburse Expenses-$152.77; Leonard, Anthony G.-Detention Center-Inmate Medical Services-$1,500.00; Lopez, Marcel-Planning-Reimburse Expenses-$54.50; MailFinance, Inc.-County Attorney-Postage/Services-$266.52; MHL Systems-Transportation-Parts/Supplies-$15,682.50; Mid Amer Research Chemical-County Buildings-Supplies-$110.68; Napa Auto Parts Riverton-Vehicle Maintenance-Parts/Supplies-$579.08; National Business Systems Inc.-County Treasurer-Prepaid Postage-$2,000.00; New York Life Insurance-Segregated-Insurance-$127.78; NMS Laboratories-County Coroner-Toxicology Services-$1,625.00; Northern Arapaho Child Support-Payroll-Child Support-$598.78; Paynes Auto Glass-Vehicle Maintenance-Windshield Repair/Replace-$345.00; Perfect Power Electric Inc.-County Buildings-Parts/Services-$242.17; Phillips, Adam E.-District Court-Court Representation-$543.75; Price, Raymond-County Commission-Reimburse Expenses-$404.00; Quill Corporation-Segregated-Office Supplies-$355.10; R T Communications-Segregated-Telephone Services-$537.73; Riverton, City of-County Buildings-Water/Sewer-$794.99; Rockmount/Nassau-Vehicle Maintenance-Materials/Supplies-$826.22; Shoshoni, Town of-Transportation-Water/Sewer-$52.00; Six Robblees’ Inc.-Vehicle Maintenance-Parts-$180.33; Specialized Pathology Consult-County Coroner-Autopsy Fee-$1,225.00; State Disbursement Unit-Payroll-Child Support-$1,119.00; State of Wyoming, Public Defenders-Public Defender-Office Rent-$1,650.00; Stevens, Cynthia B. MD-CAST-Clinical Supervision-$150.00; Stewart, Jeanna-Maternal Child Health-Reimburse Expenses-$43.98; Stroupe Pest Control Inc.-County Buildings-Pest Control-$115.00; Sweetwater Aire LLC-County Buildings Detention-Walk In Cooler Maintenance-$301.56; T Y Excavation Inc.-Transportation-Dubois Road Maintenance-$21,090.00; Terrance R. Martin PC-Public Defender-Office Rent-$450.00; Total Net Salaries-Segregated-Salaries-$656,492.38; Traveling Computers-Computer Services-Supplies/Services-$2,984.88; TrueNorth Steel Inc.-Road Material Inventory-Materials-$23,932.00; University of Wyoming-Agriculture Department-Contract Salary-$8,128.50; Valley Lumber & Supply Co Inc.-County Buildings Detention-Materials/Supplies-$29.80; Western Printing, Inc.-Transportation-Printed Supplies-$134.15; Whiting Law, PC-District Court-Professional Services-$2,032.50; William H. Smith & Associates Inc.-County Coroner-Surveying Services-$815.00; WY SDU-Payroll-Child Support-$1,034.00; Wyo Child Support Enforcement-Segregated-Child Support-$750.00; Wyo Dept of Workforce Serv-Co Admin-Workers Comp-$19,568.07; Wyoming Financial Insurance-County Commission-Bond-$100.00; Wyoming Retirement System-Co Admin-Contributions-$148,062.47; Wyoming Supreme Court-District Court-Salary Reimbursement-$6,742.00; Services-$1,296.93


Jennifer McCarty moved, Ray Price seconded, to accept a voucher from Cloud Peak Counseling Center in the amount of $975.00 for one Title 25 patient.  Motion carried unanimously.  Chairman Becker relayed concerns he heard while attending the recent winter meeting of the Wyoming County Commissioners Association regarding staffing issues in Washakie County as relating to this facility.


The following items in the Signature File were addressed:  1) Abatement Summary cover page; 2) Thank you cards; 3) letter of appreciation to Victor Mosbrucker for service on the Fremont County Predatory Animal Board; and 4) Record of Proceedings.  Clarence Thomas moved, Ray Price seconded, to approve the Contract Extension through December 31, 2019 between Novo Benefits, LLC and Fremont County for Health Benefits Consulting Services.  Motion carried unanimously.  Executive Health Insurance Committee member Margy Irvine was present in the audience and acknowledged the 3% increase in contractual fees which she felt were justified due to NOVO’s accomplishments and additional services being provided.


There was nobody present for the public comment period.


HDR Engineer Kyle Lehto presented documents related to the Peterson Road Structure Replacement Project.  Larry Allen moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to approve the Agreement between Owner and Contractor (CC & G, Inc.) for Construction Project, pending approval by the County Attorney’s Office.  Motion carried unanimously.   In other business, Chairman Becker asked Lehto to postpone any further work on the Kinnear Spur road issue pending the hiring of a Fremont County Transportation Superintendent.


IT Supervisor Kevin Shultz stated the Fremont County Website Committee recommends Revize Software Systems to provide website services.  Committee member Margy Irvine was present in the audience.    Larry Allen moved, Ray Price seconded, to approve the Revize Web Services Sales Agreement, pending receipt of the revised contract.  Motion carried unanimously.


Sheriff Skip Hornecker and Sheriff-Elect Ryan Lee were present for a monthly update.  The Communications Division has three open positions.  Detention has two open certified positions.    Patrol has had one recent resignation, and along with a current vacancy, he has advertised internally for lateral transfer opportunity.  Of those two vacancies, one has already been approved to fill by the Commission; however, the recent one requires Commission approval to fill.  Clarence Thomas moved, Ray Price seconded, to approve filling one Patrol vacancy.  Motion carried unanimously.


Building Maintenance Supervisor JR Oakley provided an update regarding the Fremont County Detention Center doors, consisting of 107 sliding doors (47 corridor control doors and 60 cell doors).  Present in the audience as Treasurer Scott Harnsberger, Deputy Jim Anderson, Building Maintenance staff John Harmelink and Shawn Dennis and Financial Assistant Joe Felix.  Ray Price moved, Larry Allen seconded, to move forward with the Mock up Proposal for Phase 1 not to exceed $34,000.  Voting against the motion: Clarence Thomas.  Motion carried.  Commissioner Thomas had concerns with the impact of the work as a whole and the unknown of whether an integrator would be needed.

Deputy County Treasurer Jim Anderson was joined by DeCoria, Maichel & Teague partner Michael DeCoria to present the Financial Report for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2018.  Present in the audience was Treasurer Scott Harnsberger, Treasurer-Elect Tom Majdic and Financial Assistant Joe Felix.  A copy of the complete Financial Report will be available on the County’s website at


Ray Price moved, Clarence Thomas seconded, to adjourn into Executive Session regarding personnel.  Motion carried unanimously.


The Board recessed the Executive Session at 2:00 pm so a farewell reception could be held for outgoing Elected Officials Sheriff Skip Hornecker, Treasurer Scott Harnsberger and Commissioner Ray Price.


Commissioners Clarence Thomas and Ray Price were absent from the remainder of the meeting.


Chairman Becker, Vice-Chairman Allen and Commissioner Jennifer McCarty returned to Executive Session for personnel.  Larry Allen moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to return to Regular Session.  Motion carried unanimously.


There being no further business, Larry Allen moved, Jennifer McCarty seconded, to adjourn the meeting at 3:25 p.m. and reconvene for a Regular Meeting on January 8, 2019.  Motion carried unanimously.


A full detailed report and the official minutes are posted on Fremont County’s website at









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