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What are the requirements to register to vote in Wyoming

  • Citizen of the United States
  • Resident of the State of Wyoming and the Precinct in which you register
  • 18 Years of Age on Election Day
  • Not been convicted of a felony, or if convicted, provide the proper paperwork showing your civil or voting rights have been restored
  • Not adjudicated mentally incompetent
  • Present a valid Wyoming Driver License if you have one and if not, provide the last four digits of your Social Security Number and accepted photo ID.
  • Withdraw voter registration from any other jurisdiction, if applicable.

How do you keep your registration current….

If you voted in the 2012 general election you are still registered to vote HOWEVER
If you have moved since the 2012 general election and have a new physical address, contact the county clerk’s office to change your address.

If you have moved to a different county in the state of Wyoming, you need to go to your new county clerk’s office and register in that county.
If you have changed your name, you must change it in person by going to the county clerk’s office or designated registrar.
If you wish to change your party affiliation, you must change your party in person by state law by going to the county clerk’s office or a designated registrar.
There are three ways to register to vote in Wyoming.

1. Register in person

  • Voters may register to vote in the office of the county clerk or election registrar within Fremont County. For a complete list of Fremont County election registrars and their office hours and addresses please go to the Election Registrar List.
  • Voters may also print out a form online by printing the Wyoming Voter Registration Application and Change Form and hand delivering the form to an election registrar and providing the agent with proper identification (see below). The form must be signed in front of the registry agent.

2. Register by mail


If you register by mail, you will be required to show ID the first time you go to the polls to vote (*see Important Notice below).

If you register by mail AND vote an absentee ballot, you will have to send your ID separate from your absentee ballot to have your ballot counted (*see Important Notice below).

Voters who are not currently in Wyoming or in the county in which they live who cannot go to a Fremont County Registrar office may register to vote by mail.

  • Print the Wyoming Voter Registration Application and Change Form.

  • Take the printed form to a notary or if you are currently in Wyoming to the County Clerk in the county you are in (registry agent). Explain that you are required to complete the form in front of a notary or registry agent. Please share the following instructions with them.

  • Show identification (ID) to the notary/registry agent and have the notary/registry agent make a copy of the ID shown so that you may mail it to Fremont County election office with the completed form.
  • Identify whether this is a new registration, change, or name change.
  • Complete #1-4.
  • If you are currently registered in Fremont County, another county or state please make sure you complete #5,
  • Read the registration oath and acknowledgement, #6, and sign the document.
  • Have the notary/registry agent complete their portion.
  • Mail the form along with the copy of the ID provided to the notary/registry agent to: Fremont County Clerk’s Office, Election Office, 450 N. 2nd St., Rm 220, Lander WY 82520

3. Register at the polls on Election Day

Wyoming allows qualified voters to register at the polls on Election Day. Bring an acceptable form of ID to the polls (for example: driver license, passport).

Acceptable Forms of Identification (ID)

  • Must provide a Wyoming Driver License if you own a valid driver license
  • Second Option if you do not own a valid Wyoming Driver License
    • Different state’s driver license
    • ID card issued by a local, state or federal agency;
    • U.S. passport;
    • Official School ID;
    • Or military ID
  • Third option is two of the following in any combination:
    • Certification of U.S. Citizenship;
    • Certificate of Naturalization;
    • Draft Record;
    • Voter registration card from another state or county;
    • Original or certified copy of a birth certificate bearing an official seal;
    • Certification of birth abroad issued by the Department of State;
    • Or any other form of identification issued by an official agency.


Wyoming is exempt from the federal “Motor Voter” law and DOES NOT offer voter registration at the Driver License Division.

If you have any questions regarding the registration process or the form please call (307) 332-1088 or (307) 332-1089; or in Fremont County 1-800-967-2297 extensions 1088 or 1089. You may also email us at

After the Fremont County Clerk’s election office receives all the correct paper work you will be placed on the voter registry and receive a voter information card. If you do not receive your card within a reasonable amount of time, you may wish to contact our office to make sure we received your form.


According to the federal Help America Vote Act of 2002, Title III, Section 303(b)(2)(A), if you register to vote by MAIL, the first time you go to the polls to vote you will be REQUIRED to provide to the appropriate election official the following ID in order to vote, even though you showed ID in front of a notary or registry agent when you completed the voter registration form:  a current and valid photo ID or a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document that shows your name and address.

In order to vote by mail (Absentee Voting) if you have registered by mail, you will be REQUIRED to send a copy of the following ID in order for your absentee ballot to be processed the first time:  a current and valid photo ID or a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document that shows your name and address.  The documentation must be in a separate envelope than the absentee ballot.  The ballot can not be processed until the state or local authority receives the copy of identification.

Registry Agents in Fremont County

Fremont County Clerk’s Office
Sara McWain,  Election Deputy
Amy Amack, Election Deputy
Open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday – Friday
450 N. 2nd, Rm 120,  Lander
(307) 332-1088, (307) 332-1089, 1-800-967-2297, ext. 1088 or 1089

Fremont County Clerk’s Annex – Riverton Office
Deb Reed, Deputy
Open 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesday & Thursday
816 S. Federal Blvd, Riverton
(307) 857-3675

Dubois Town Hall
Sandy Hust, Clerk
Open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday – Friday
712 Meckem, Dubois
(307) 455-2345

Hudson Town Hall
Kristi Kimber, Clerk
Open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday – Friday
333 S. Main, Hudson
(307) 332-3605

Pavillion Town Hall
Beckie Zwiefelhofer, Clerk
Open 12-4 p.m. Monday – Thursday; Closed on Friday
203 ½ N. Main, Pavillion
(307) 856-2154

Riverton City Hall
Courtney Bohlender, Clerk
Open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday – Friday
816 N. Federal, Riverton
(307) 856-2227

Shoshoni Town Hall
Teresa Taylor, Deputy Clerk
Open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday – Friday
212 Idaho, Shoshoni
(307) 876-2515

Absentee Voting

If you are currently a registered voter in Fremont County and will be unable to vote on Election Day, you may complete the ABSENTEE BALLOT APPLICATION and either email or mail the completed form to the Fremont County Election office. Please make sure that you provide us with a daytime phone number and/or email address so if we are unable to mail you a ballot we can contact you immediately. You may email the form to or mail it to Fremont County Clerk’s Election Office, 450 N. 2nd St., Rm 220, Lander WY 82520. You may also call our office at (307) 332-1088, (307) 332-1089 or toll free within Fremont County only at 1-800-967-2297. Please make sure you have all the information necessary as when you call in we must complete an application for you.

If you are not currently a registered voter in Fremont County please see “Register by Mail” and also send in an Absentee Ballot Application with your registration form.

If you are in the military or an overseas civilian and wish to complete a Federal Post Card Application for temporary registration and voting please go to the Federal Voting Assistance Program This link will provide you with further information and voting help for Uniformed Service Members, their families and Citizens living outside of the United States.

Voting Assistance

If you require assistance to vote by reason of disability or inability to read or write, you may be given assistance by a person of your choice. Also, if you have questions regarding the accessibility of your polling place, please contact the Fremont County Clerk election office.

On Election Day, you may bring a sample ballot or your written or printed notes into the voting booth to assist you in marking your ballot. Please remember to take any samples or notes with you when you leave.

Everything you wanted to know about being an Election Judge?


Wyoming Statute 22-8-102 states “Judges of election and members of absentee boards shall be registered electors and shall be physically, morally and mentally competent to perform their duties…” You must be able to work at least 14-hour days.  If you or a family member is running for an office that will be on the election ballot, you are unable to work as a judge for that election.

General Duties

1.  You must be able to work long hours. (At least 14 hours per election.)  Begin at 6 a.m.  Some lifting of ballots, boxes, etc; frequent sitting, standing, stress related to problems, etc.  We do have split shifts available in some areas.  Contact us to learn more about split shifts.

2.  Must be able to perform duties in a non-partisan manner.

3.  Swear in on Election Day that you will uphold your duties.

4.  Help set up your table and area before the polls open at 7 a.m.

5.  Check that persons are qualified to vote.  Process them in poll books or register them to vote.  Provide them with a ballot and explain voting process.

6.  Help clean up table, box and area after polls close.

7.  Make sure poll book and voting machine balance and assist in getting unofficial results to county clerk before the night is over.

8.  Be available in the week following the election with regard to problems or questions about Election Day.

9.  Each judge may have different duties and those may change throughout the day.

What is the term for an election judge?

If you are chosen as a judge, alternate judge or absentee board member you will serve a two (2) year term.  This will be approximately June 2010 – May 2012.  Fremont County has other elections besides the primary and general and you may be called upon to work at elections throughout the two (2) year term.

What is the difference between judges, alternate judges and a member of the absentee board?

Judge:  A person who has been appointed and accepted the appointment to actually work on Election Day.

Alternate Judge:  A person who has been appointed and accepted the appointment to work as an alternate judge.  This person will be “on call” to work as a judge on Election Day.  They may be contacted a week in advance or on Election Day.  This is a very important position because a judge may get sick at the last moment and an alternate judge will be called to work.  Wyoming statutes require that to open the polls we must have three (3) judges.  If the alternate declines to work and there are only two (2) judges, the voting poll cannot open.

Absentee Board: The absentee board is called on Election Day to come to the courthouse or other designated area and tally absentee ballots.

Compensation and Training

Judges, members on the absentee board and alternates will receive a base pay set by the county commissioners to attend the required judge school.  If they work an election they will receive no less than minimum wage for the hours they work.  They will also receive mileage for any mileage traveled over 5 miles and compensation for two meals.

The county clerk will set a time and date to conduct a training school.  All judges, alternate judges, and absentee board members are required by state law to attend at least one (1) school in order to serve.  They shall be paid a flat rate for attending and mileage to travel to the school over 5 miles.

How are election judges selected?

The county chairman of each major and minor political party in each county may certify to the county clerk a list of registered electors residing in the county and affiliated with the party who are willing to serve as a judge of election.  The municipal clerks in Fremont County may also submit a list.  The county clerk will then appoint judges from the lists provided.  If the list of nominees are insufficient, the county clerk may appoint any elector otherwise qualified to be a judge or a member of an absentee board.  Electors may be appointed as judges, alternate judges or for the absentee board.

If I am interest in being a judge what do I do next?

If you are still interested in having your name submitted to the party chairman please complete the ­Election Judge Application and either email or mail to the election office.

ELECTION RESULTS (Voter Abstracts)

These records are now digitally archived.  You may access them on the internet by clicking on the following link:  For instructions on how to use the site please go to County Clerk/Land Recording Information and scroll down to the paragraph titled “Welome to ArcaSearch for Fremont County’s digital records” within the Fremont County Government website.





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