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Will I be billed if the ambulance does not transport?

Depends on services provided and locale.

Is the ambulance part of the hospital?

No, our service is a department of Fremont County government.

Why haven’t you billed my insurance?

In order for our department to submit your invoice directly to your insurance, we must have accurate information provided by the patient or responsible party. Once obtained, we would be happy to forward to your insurance provider.

Why did I receive a bill when I have Medicare, Medicaid, etc?

Every patient will receive an invoice to show what services and supplies were used.  By doing so, we allow the patient the opportunity to review and make comments if necessary.  On the bottom of your invoice will indicate whether your invoice has been submitted directly to Medicare, Medicaid or Insurance.  This also notifies the patient of status so that when the statement arrives due to no action from insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid, the patient is not surprised as to financial responsibility.

Why is my ambulance bill so high?

Comparatively, Fremont County Ambulance rates are within the state average or lower.

Who do I contact if I have any questions about my bill?

Contact Judy at 307.857.3669

Where does FCEMS receive its funding?

FCEMS receives all operational costs through those who use the service, meaning that funds are received from private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, IHS contract and self pay sources.

My tax dollars provide for the ambulance, right?

FCEMS is an Enterprise Fund within in the County system. This means that FCEMS does not receive tax payer funding for its operations. FCEMS being a Fremont County entity, we answer to the Fremont County Commissioners. A budget is submitted to the Commissioners each fiscal year and must be approved by the County Commissioners. FCEMS employees are also eligible for County Benefits due to being Fremont County Employees.

2014 – a one time allocation of $165,000 was granted from the FC Commissioners to maintain a full-time crew in Dubois to operate one ambulance 24/7.

When do you offer EMT courses?

The Office of EMS authorizes local services to “host” courses being in late August or Early January.

The next EMT – Basic class will be starting the third week of January 2015

Contact either Todd Smith or Jesse Miller, RN for more information 307-857-3669

How long are the EMT courses?

An EMT-Basic course is usually taught on two weeknights and 5 Saturdays spanning about 4 ½ months

What is the cost of the EMT courses?

The cost will be $350.00.

There are openings at FCEMS and there is a chance for paid employment opportunities upon successful completion of the course

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