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Innocent Victims of Crime


The Innocent victims of crime have frequently been overlooked by our criminal justice system. Too often their pleas have gone unheeded and their wounds – personal, emotional and financial – have gone unattended. They are entitled to better treatment, and it is time to do something about it.


Victim/Witness Services


The Fremont County and Prosecuting Attorney’s Office Victim/Witness Program was created to help people victimized by crime cope with the stress of victimization and to ensure they receive appropriate services.


Services provided by the Fremont County Attorney’s Office Victim/Witness Program include but are not limited to:


Crisis intervention services. Accompanying victims and witnesses to Court. Information about the status of a criminal case. Notification of scheduling changes, notification prior to subpoena issuance. Assistance with Court ordered restitution, assistance in filing victim compensation claims. Facilitating the return of evidence. Employer and creditor invention services. Transportation to and from court, medical, and interviews.


Service Delivery System


The Fremont County Attorney’s Office Victim/Witness Program serves all persons victimized by crimes committed within Fremont County and Prosecuted in Circuit, District, or Juvenile Court without regard to race, religion or sex.


The Fremont County Attorney’s Office Victim/Witness Program office hours are 8 – 5 on Monday – Friday.




Wyoming Victim Bill of Rights


  • The Right to be treated with compassion, respect, and sensitivity within the criminal justice system.


  • The Right to know the whereabouts of the Defendant and to be informed about the details and progress of your case.


  • The Right to receive restitution from offenders.


  • The Right to be informed about Wyoming Crime Victim Compensation


  • The Right to employ an attorney and proceed with civil action.


  • The Right to reasonable protection and safety and the right to know of legal recourse if threatened.


  • The Right to preservation of employment while participating in the criminal justice process.


  • The Right to be informed about the opportunity to make a victim impact statement at sentencing and parole hearings.


  • The Right to be provided with the names and official phone numbers and address of the primary individuals working on your case.


  • The Right to be present at trial.


For more Victim/Witness information please visit or call the following sources:


Wyoming Crime Victims Center (888) 707-8979


The Wyoming Division of Victim Services at


For offender release information visit VineLink at






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