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The accounts payable office is responsible for processing and making payment to all vendors that have provided a service to the county. Fremont County’s fiscal year is July through June.

A vendor can complete the VOUCHER (excel) form and mail it with an itemized bill to the department that your company provided a product or service to. Please sign and date on the “Vendor” line. This will expedite the payment process. The department will provide the voucher to the accounts payable department after they have completed and signed their portion.

The vouchers must be completed, signed, and into bookkeeping by the Tuesday prior to the payment dates. Dates may change due to meetings and holidays.

REMINDER: We DO NOT PAY from a packing slip, quote, or statement (unless the statement is itemized). We must have the invoice or a copy of the invoice.

County employees who have travel or reimbursable expenses may also complete the VOUCHER (excel) form and submit to your department head. If you have travel expenses and need reimbursed for a meal please make sure that there is an itemized receipt that shows what the meal was (ex. big mac $5.00 iced tea $1.50). We can not pay from a receipt that just says $6.50. You must complete a Travel Expense Form  (excel) and attach all itemized receipts in order to be reimbursed for your expenses.

Tips reimbursed up to 15%

Mileage reimbursed at $.40 per mile if a county pool car is not available, $.30 per mile if a county pool car is available and you take your own vehicle.


Budget:  means a plan of financial operations for a fiscal year, embodying estimates of all proposed expenditures for given purposes, the proposed means of financing them and what the work or service is to accomplish.  “Budget” includes the budget of each fund for which a budget is required by law and the collective budgets for all the funds based upon the functions, activities and projects.

W.S. 16-4-104  (a) On or before May 15, the budget office shall prepare a tentative budget for each fund and file the budget with the governing body.  All departments shall submit budget requests to the appropriate budget officer on or before May 1.

The budget shall set forth:

(i)  Actual revenues and expenditures in the last completed fiscal year

(ii) Estimated total revenues and expenditures for the current fiscal year;

(iii) The estimated available revenues and expenditures for the ensuing budget year;

(b)  Each budget shall contain the estimates of expenditures and revenues developed by the budget officer together with specific work programs and other supportive data as the governing body requests.

(c)  Each budget shall be accompanied by a budget message in explanation of the budget.  The budget message shall contain an outline of the proposed financial policies for the budget year and describe in connection therewith the important features of the budgetary plan.  It shall also state the reasons for changes from the previous year in appropriation and revenue items and explain any major changes in financial policy.

  1. The budget shall be reviewed and considered by the governing body in a regular or special meeting called for this purpose.  Following a public hearing the governing body shall adopt a budget.

Current Year (2019-2020) Adopted Budget:

Fremont County Adopted Budget 2019-2020

Fremont County Budget Book 2019-2020

Current Year Department Budgets 2019-2020.

1111 Commissioners Budget Packet FYE2020

1121 Clerk Budget Packet FYE2020

1122 Elections Budget Packet FYE2020

1140 Treasurer Budget Packet FYE2020

1151 Assessor Budget Packet FYE2020

1170 Coroner Budget Packet FYE2020

1190 ISS Budget Packet FYE2020

1195 Buildings Budget Packet FYE2020

1196 Buildings-Detention Budget Packet FYE2020

1210 CDC Budget Packet FYE2020

1221 Attorney Budget Packet FYE2020

1223 Youth Services Budget Packet FYE2020

1231 CC Lander Budget Packet FYE2020

1232 CC Riverton Budget Packet FYE2020

1251 Sheriff Budget Packet FYE2020

1255 SR Budget Packet FYE2020

1259 Sheriff Detention Budget Packet FYE2020

1270 District Court Budget Packet FYE2020

1310 Transportation Budget Packet FYE2020

1420 Health Nurse Budget Packet FYE2020

1440 WIC Budget Packet FYE2020

1520 Extension Budget Packet FYE2020

1530 Emergency Management Budget Packet FYE2020

1560 Vehicle Mtc Budget packet FYE2020

F216 MCH Budget Packet FYE2020

F218 Emergency Prep Budget Packet FYE2020

F219 Public Health Budget Packet FYE2020

F221 Prevention Budget Packet FYE2020

F224 1 Percent Budget Packet FYE2020

F225 RCF Budget Packet FYE2020

F233 JTC Budget Packet FYE2020

F236 CAST Budget Packet FYE2020

F251 Abandoned Vehicle Budget Packet FYE2020

F301 Spencer Home Sites Budget Packet FYE2020

F401 Ambulance Fund Budget Packet FYE2020

F425 Dispatch Budget Packet 2020

F455 Section 125 Budget Packet FYE2020

F645 Fuel Distribution Budget Packet FYE2020

F650 Health Plan Budget Packet FYE2020

F653 Investment Pool Budget Packet FYE2020

F680 Detention Facility Trust Fund Budget Packet FYE2020

F700 Museum SG Budget Packet FYE2020

F700 Museum Budget Packet FYE2020

F750 Recreation Board Budget Packet FYE2020

F760 Fair Budget Packet FYE2020

F775 Library Budget Packet FYE2020

Prior Year Adopted Budgets:

Fremont County Adopted Budget 2011-2012

Fremont County Adopted Budget 2012-2013

Fremont County Adopted Budget 2013-2014

Fremont County Adopted Budget 2014-2015

Fremont County Adopted Budget 2015-2016

Fremont County Adopted Budget 2016-2017

Fremont County Adopted Budget 2017-2018

Fremont County Adopted Budget 2018-2019

Additional Reports:


Capital Improvement and Maintenance Program:  Long-term (CIMPL)

This information is provided under the Fremont County Treasurer’s page.  Please click this address to go to that information:   


This area of the Fremont County Clerk’s office works with all elected officials and departments.

Payroll does:

  • New employee enrollment

  • Payroll for employees within the Fremont County general fund.

  • Enrollment and employee participant changes to the health insurance plan.

  • Enrollment to Wyoming Retirement.

  • Monthly Newsletter

  • Administers alternate health and life insurance plans that participants may wish to sign up for at their own expense.

  • Administers the Fremont County Section 125 plan.

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