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The Fremont County Coroner’s Office has currently over 7,900 case files on record, going back to the year 1885.  Records vary in amount of information or completeness, but all have been entered into a computerized database with search capacity along specific parameters.

The first documented homicide is from 1885. The first documented suicide is from 1887. The first documented accident is from 1888. Older files are for the most part Coroner Inquests, as these were (and still are) the only documents required to be filed with the District Court.  As such, information has survived through the Wyoming State Archives.  The Archives have been of great assistance in providing information and copies of a historical nature. Record keeping has improved and expanded over the years, and providing  information on past cases, especially to relatives, descendants, &  family members, continues to be a part of the service from the Coroner’s Office to the public. Below is a list of elected coroners for Fremont County:

1868: Wyoming Territory Created, 1884: Fremont County Organized

1884: Sam Iiams

1885-1888: James Irwin

1889-1890: W. A. Feiser

1890: Wyoming admitted as the 44th State

1891-1892: H. P. Brower

1893-1894: W. A. Feiser

1895-1896: E. M. Rhodes

1897-1904: J. W. H. Schoo

1905-1906: John W. Thompson

1907-1910: J. W. H. Schoo

1911-1914: W. A. Feiser

1915-1919: O. L. Middlekauf

1919-1920: Newton Ripper

1921-1928: John A. Benson

1929-1952: E. E. Davis

1953-1954: Floyd G. Payne

1955-1960: Percy T. Davis

1961-1998: Larry L. Lee

1999-2014: Edward R. McAuslan

2015-2018: Mark Stratmoen

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