Building Codes

Building Codes

Non Commercial

For Non Commercial construction, Fremont County has no general zoning or building codes, except the following:

  • In those areas within FEMA designated flood hazard zones around Lander, Dubois and Hudson.
  • The Incorporated Cities within the County have specific Zoning and Building Codes.
  • South Pass City has Historic Zoning for building appearance.
  • The Wind River Reservation is zoned Residential/Agricultural.  Reservation zoning is administered by the Shoshone and Arapaho Joint Tribal Council (307) 332-6625.
  • Fremont County requires a permit for all small wastewater systems (septic systems) that generate less than 2,000 gallons per day.

The areas regulated by the Fremont County Floodplain Zoning Regulations can be found at our office in Lander, or may be found on the Fremont County website under GIS/MapServer.  A copy of the Floodplain Zoning Regulations is also available online or in our office.

South Pass Zoning Regulations are available in the Fremont County Planning Office.

Fremont County Small Wastewater Regulations can be found on the County website or in our office.  Due to significant changes in soil conditions around the County, it is recommended that a pre-permit conference be scheduled with our Small Wastewater Specialist prior to purchase of property in the County or any development.

The State Fire Marshall’s Office in Cheyenne is responsible for review and approval of new building construction or remodeling that costs $40,000.00 or more for the following types of construction.

  • Buildings or structures owned or leased by state or local government entities;
  • Public buildings over five thousand (5,000) square feet of total floor area including basement;
  • Multi-story public buildings;
  • Buildings intended for use as child care centers housing more than ten (10) children;
  • Public bars, public lounges, restaurants, night clubs, lodge halls, theaters, churches or public meeting places regardless of size;
  • Public and private above-ground fuel dispensing facilities.

The State Fire Marshall’s Office uses the following Construction Standards and Guidelines:

  • The International Building Code, 2018 Edition.
  • The International Existing Building Code, 2018 Edition.
  • The International Fire Code, 2018 Edition including, Appendix D, Appendix E, Appendix F & Appendix G.
  • The International Mechanical Code, 2018 Edition.
  • The International Fuel Gas Code, 2018 Edition.
  • Provisions of the International Residential Code, the International Property Management Code, as said codes are referenced in the International Building Code, the International Fire Code, the International Mechanical Code, and the International Fuel Gas Code, but only to the extent that the referenced provisions apply to fire and life safety issues.

For all construction meeting the above requirements, the State Fire Marshall’s Office should be contacted.  The current Wyoming State Fire Marshall is:

J. Michael Reed         
Office phone: (307) 777-7288

For any Commercial Wastewater or Water Supply facilities, the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality would be responsible for oversight and construction.  Additionally, any wells that would be proposed to supply water to any facilities, personal or commercial, must be permitted through the State Engineers Office.