Rural Addressing

Rural Addressing


Rural addresses are assigned by the Fremont County and are used by the 911 system to find you in case of an emergency.

If your property doesn’t have an address, or has an incorrect address it can delay the arrival of help during an emergency.

If you purchase rural property in Fremont County, you will need to contact the GIS Technician to get a rural address assigned to it.

If you are buying property that has an already existing house or business on it, you should check with the GIS Technician to make sure there is an address assigned to it.

If you are planning to build on your property, be aware that some utility services will not install stubs/lines of service to your property unless you have a rural address, so it is best to get your address early on in the building process to prevent potential construction delays.

Getting an address:

Getting a rural address is easy! All that is needed to obtain an address is to fill out the Rural Address Request Form, pay the appropriate fee ($75.00 - new address application fee AND $20.00 - $25.00 - address number sign)  for a new rural address and accurately locate the parcel of land that will have the rural address. Some of the things that are helpful in pinpointing a specific parcel are:

  • A Mapserver screenshot of the parcel and adjacent properties indicating where the proposed driveway will be located.
  • A copy of a survey, deed or plat map with indicated location for the driveway. This is a requirement for all addressing on tribal land located on the Wind River Reservation.
  • Assessor GEO PIN Number.


Once you are assigned an address by the GIS Technician, you will receive white on red reflective address sign.

Attach the address sign on a pole or post at the driveway where you would access your property.

Do not put your address on your house or other structures on your property. Even reflective numbers are difficult to see if the structure is behind trees, set back off the road, or oriented toward a view rather than the road.

The reflective quality of the numbers fade over time due to exposure to the sun. It is the property owner’s responsibility to replace these numbers when they begin to fade. The Planning Department will assist you in ordering a new address sign. Please refer to the Fee Schedule for the cost of address signs.