Vaccination Information

Vaccination Information

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January 7, 2021

      Public Health along with Sage West Hospital and the Lander Medical Clinic are working together to provide vaccine to Fremont County per the Wyoming Department of Health’s Phase 1a and 1b priority list.

     Over the last several weeks we have been working on Phase 1a groups and feel we have been able to get most of this phase vaccinated. If you belong to one of the priority groups in Phase 1a and still need to get vaccinated please call public health at 856-6979 or Nicki Urbigkit at 856-4160 or 332-4420.

      We have started working on the phase 1b prioritizations Schedule and will continue to work through the priority groups as vaccine is available. Currently if you are in Phase 1b priority group 1 (Fire, police, 911, correctional staff, search and rescue, and other in-person emergency response personnel not included in Phase 1a) and 2 (Funeral service practitioners and in –person employees necessary for funerals) you can call the hospital in Riverton of Lander and schedule an appointment for vaccination. If you are in priority group 3 (people who are 70 years of age and older) please call the Lander Medical Clinic or Western Family Care to schedule your appointment. Public Health is currently assisting vaccination of long-term care facility staff and assisted living facility staff as well as complete Phase 1a vaccinations.

     Vaccine supply currently on hand has been allocated to all 1st dose clients in phase 1a. Further 1st dose vaccinations after this Friday will be given with the next supply of vaccine which we anticipate in a couple weeks. Vaccine supply that comes in towards the end of the month will be used to continue to catch phase 1a groups and continue to move through phase 1b per priority.

     If you are not listed in these phases and would like the vaccine, please be patient and we will get to those that want it as further phases of the prioritization schedule come out.

                                                                         December 16, 2020                                                                                               

          The COVID-19 vaccine is arriving in our county and is currently in limited supply. The county will continue to receive limited allocations on a weekly basis in the coming weeks. At this time, the vaccine is being administered to specific populations. Those who will be eligible to receive the vaccination in the next several weeks include:

►Persons working in healthcare who have regular potential for exposure to COVID-19 patients;
►Persons who have regular exposure to people who are potentially positive for COVID-19, or those who are exposed to infectious materials.
►Persons who reside in a long-term care facility or setting.

          A more detailed list of the groups that are included in this first phase, Phase 1a, can be found here.   COVID-19 vaccine is being allocated to counties and then further allocated to hospitals and local public health agencies. Five counties received vaccine during the week of December 14.   Going forward, all counties will receive allocations of vaccine.   As vaccine becomes available, local public health or hospitals will reach out to agencies that employ individuals who fit within the Phase 1a group to make plans for administering vaccine to those employees.  This communication may not be immediate, but will occur as soon as vaccine becomes available to specific groups.   Scheduling will take place once the vaccine is available locally through hospitals or local public health agencies.   As additional vaccine becomes available, local public health agencies will continue to reach out to specific groups as they become eligible to receive the vaccine. 

       Vaccination of long-term care and assisted living facility residents is being coordinated through a federal partnership with several national pharmacy chains, as well as with local public health offices.   This effort will tentatively begin in early January.

      Due to limited vaccine availability and the need to vaccinate groups in Phase 1a, vaccine is not currently available for other groups or the general public.

      We do not have an exact timeframe for when we will move to the next steps, but do expect it will be months before the general public will be able to receive vaccines.   As such, it is important to continue following our primary recommendations of wearing masks, social distancing, and staying home when ill.

       Please visit the Wyoming Department of Health website for more COVID-19 vaccine resources.   Information on the remainder of the phases will be forthcoming as we move forward in vaccinating Wyoming.           

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Click here to read the most recent Wyoming’s COVID-19 Vaccination Plan. This plan should be considered a draft, working document. It’s expected to change over time.

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