Pursuant to W.S. 18-3-516.  Publication of proceedings; publication of salary information of certain officials and employees.
  •  (b)  “Each board of county commissioners shall post on the county’s official website in the manner provided in subsection (f) of this section and publish separate from the minutes of the proceedings;

    (i)  Within sixty (60) days after the end of each fiscal year, the name, position, base annual salary of and amount of overtime pay paid to each full-time employee and each elected official.  A brief statement shall accompany the salary publication specifying that all salaries are listed as base annual salaries or actual wages, not including any benefits such as health insurance costs, life insurance benefits and pension plans.  The statement shall also indicate that any overtime that the employee earned and was paid by the county is included.”

    The following list of Fremont County Employees is being published in the legal newspaper and will be posted on the Fremont County website according with the aforesaid Wyoming State Statutes.  The list is the employee’s base annual salary not including any benefits with the second number behind their name being any overtime the employee earned and was paid by Fremont County in the last fiscal year (July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2023).

    Signed Julie A. Freese, Fremont County Clerk

    Legal Notice - Annual Salary Report