Notaries Public SummaryA notary public is a public officer who, upon application, is commissioned by the Secretary of State for a four-year term and holds an office of trust and profit. Because a notary is a public official, he or she is obligated to serve all persons who request lawful notarial acts during normal business hours. A notary is not commissioned for the personal convenience of any one employer.

The Wyoming Uniform Notarial Act (W.S. Title 34, Chapter 26) adopts the 1982 Uniform Law on Notarial Acts by amending conflicting statutes and repealing the Wyoming Acknowledgment Act. You may review the statute by going to

How to apply to be a notary.Notaries are governed by the Wyoming Secretary of State’s office. To learn more about being a notary and complete an application to send to the Secretary of State to be a notary please go to

Follow their instructions which include but are not limited to:

  • Read the notary statutes, FAQs, and take the self-help test.
  • Complete the application, leaving no blanks
  • Return the application to the Secretary of State’s Office with the $30 filing fee.

For any changes to your bond please contact or refer to the Secretary of State’s website.