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The Juvenile Treatment Court (JTC) serves clients ages 13-18.

A Treatment Court is a court-supervised program that has been specifically designated and staffed to supervise non-violent drug and alcohol abusing defendants who have been referred to a comprehensive and judicially monitored program of treatment and rehabilitation services.  The Treatment Court’s premise is based on the idea that intense judicial supervision, coupled with immediate and intensive treatment intervention, creates a significant opportunity for successful supervision and treatment of defendants with substance abuse problems who are processed through the criminal justice system.

To participate in the program, clients must have incurred a legal charge within the county and have a significant problem with drug or alcohol use. Individuals can refer themselves for the program. Also parents, family members, or defense/prosecuting attorneys can make referrals. Most frequently, probation officers or substance abuse treatment professionals make referrals.

Phone Number 307-332-1108
Addresses 450 N. 2nd St. Room 100
Hours of Operation 8 a.m. – 5 pm.