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     1.  What you don’t know about septic systems or subdivisions, can cost you money.

     2.   We are here to help the public through the permitting process.

     3.   Apply for an address, septic system, or subdivision BEFORE you start your project.

     4.   Consultation before your project begins can avoid most bottlenecks and roadblocks.

     5.   Any land conveyance can be subject to subdivision review.

     6.   Pouring a foundation before a site evaluation can limit your septic system options.

     7.   Permits are required for both new and replacement septic systems.

     8.   Utilities require a physical address before they will provide service / hook-ups. 

     9.   Building in flood plains and/or wetlands may be subject to Federal and County regulations.

   10.  A mailing address is not always the same as a physical address, especially with an older address that existed before the county took over assigning addresses. Just because you get mail at a property doesn’t always mean emergency services can find you in the event of an emergency.   A quick call to the Planning Department can verify that you have a physical address, or we can assist you in obtaining an address  should you need one.

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