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• Whether you’re buying a first-time registration, or renewing your current vehicle’s registration, the Fremont County Treasurers office is the place to go:
450 n 2nd St
PO Box 465
Lander WY 82520

New Wyoming Registrations

For new vehicle registrations, you will need:

A copy of your Wyoming title; or the title number of your Wyoming title
A copy of the dealer invoice if the car was purchased from a dealer
A copy of your previous registration if the car was registered previously in another state
Proof of insurance is checked by the County Treasurer against a database updated by your insurance company.
A copy of your current IRS Form 2290 if your vehicle is commercial and weighs more than 55,000 pounds
If your vehicle is leased; your lease agreement.

• The proper paperwork to allow the up-front sales tax exemption if the vehicle is leased. It is possible that we may already have this information. Please call us at (307) 332-1104 to find out if we have the paperwork.

Renewing Your Vehicle Registration

For renewals of vehicle registrations, you will need:

  •  Registration renewal card or previous registration. If you have neither, jot down your license plate number and give that to us.
  •  Proof of liability insurance is checked by the County Treasurer against a database updated by your insurance company.
  •  A copy of your current IRS Form 2290 if your vehicle is a commercial vehicle weighing more than 55,000 pounds
  • Wyoming Statutes dictate the calculation of all registration fees. Therefore, the fees are the same no matter what county a vehicle is registered in (unlike Sales Tax). However, the county that collects the fees keeps and distributes the money to the taxing entities in their county. Therefore, residents are encouraged to register vehicles in the county and tax district where they reside.

Vehicle registration fees consist of 2 parts; a county fee and a state fee.

County Fee

The County Fee is a property tax based upon the factory price of the vehicle as listed on the Wyoming Title and is calculated using the following formula:

Factory Cost
X   Year of Service Rate
X                                .03
= County Fee

Factory Cost

This is not the blue book value, retail value, or the purchase price. The factory cost is the original cost placed on vehicle by the automobile factory. This can generally be found on your Wyoming Title; if you are calculating a renewal then the factory cost can be found on your previous years Wyoming registration listed under: Fact Price.

Year of Service Rates

The year of service rate, also know as the valuation percentage, is determined by how many years the vehicle has been registered for use.

Service Rates are:

Service Rate

1st year 60%
2nd year 50%
3rd year 40%
4th year 30%
5th year 20%
6th year 15%

Example Calculation

Therefore, a new vehicle having a factory cost of $20,000 could have a county fee of $360:

X 60%
X .03
= $360.00

State Fee

The State Fee is a fee levied by the State of Wyoming and is remitted to the Wyoming Department of Transportation each month. The fee depends on the vehicle type and is determined using the following table:

TRUCKS, CAMPERS & TRAILERS $5.00-$90.00 (determined by weight)

Commercial Plates

  • A Commercial Vehicle is any vehicle or vehicle combination used, designed or maintained for transportation of persons for hire, compensation for profit, or used primarily for the transportation of property for gain and profit and one or more of the following:
  • A power unit having 2 axles and a gross vehicle weight over 26,000 pounds;
  • A power unit having 3 or more axles regardless of weight;
  • Is used in combination and the combination exceeds 26,000 pounds gross vehicle weight.

Any commercial vehicle with a weight of 55,000 pounds or greater, must provide a stamped copy of the IRS Form 2290 within 45 days of licensing or the registration will be revoked and the license plates confiscated.

Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT)

IRS Form 2290

Who needs a form 2290?

A truck, truck tractor or bus if:

1) It is a highway motor vehicle (generally a vehicle moved by its own motor and designed to transport a load over the public highways, even if it is designed to do other things)

2) Is registered or required to be registered for highway use.

3) Is used on a public highway, and

4) Has a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more (taxable gross weight means the weight of the vehicle plus the weight of the trailers and semi-trailers customarily used in connection with vehicles of the same type, plus the weight of the maximum loads customarily carried on vehicles, trailer, and semi-trailers of the same type)

Registration may not be issued without proof that the 2290 has been filed with the IRS. Exception: If the vehicle is newly purchased, there is a 90 day grace period. If the 2290 is not received within the 90 days, the registration is subject to termination.

The 2290 must show the correct VIN

The 2290 must have a current date. (“For the period July 1, 2010-June 30, 2011” is valid through 06/30/2011; “For the period July 1, 2011-June 30, 2012” is valid through 06/30/2012)

The 2290 expires on June 30th of each year, but there is a grace period through August 1st. However if the customer comes in to register a vehicle on July 1st and their 2290 expired on June 30th, the vehicle cannot be registered without the next years 2290.

The 2290 must be stamped “Received” by the IRS /or/ the 2290 must have the “E-file” water seal indicating the form was efiled.

Registrations that are for less than 55,000 lbs but need to be raised to 55,000 lbs or more will require a Form 2290 prior to raising the weight.


The expiration month for commercial vehicles is determined by the month of purchase, although an owner can choose to have the vehicle expire in the same month as other vehicles owned.


Fees for commercial plates are broken into a County Fee and a State Fee. The County Fee is calculated in the same way as a regular registration. The State Fee is calculated depending on the gross vehicle weight of the vehicle or combination using the following weight table:

State Registration Fee


There are several exemptions available for commercial registrations only. The exemptions allow the owner of the vehicle to only pay a percentage of the total state fee. Only one exemption can be applied to a registration.

Handicapped Plates

The County Treasurer may issue Handicapped Plates to persons authorized by the State of Wyoming to display them.

A person qualifying for handicapped status may be issued:

• 2 cardboard placards, or; 1 placard and 1 set of plates

The plates or placards are obtained by having a doctor complete a form that may be obtained from the county treasurer’s office or the local Driver’s License office.
Once the form is completed, it must be returned to the Driver’s License office for approval (not the county treasurer’s office).
After the state approves the application, the treasurer’s office will issue a set of plates. The form must only be completed once.
Fees for handicapped plates are the same as for regular plates.
Vehicles displaying handicapped plates are authorized to park in any handicapped designated areas.

Mobile Machinery

Mobile machinery is defined as heavy equipment, except shop or hand tools, which is self propelled, towed or hauled and used primarily in construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, ditches, buildings, or land reclamation.

• Mobile Machinery Registration Requirements

If operating mobile machinery in Fremont County you must register your equipment with a mobile machinery sticker, purchased at the office of the County Treasurer. Wyoming contractors are required to list all such equipment upon the tax rolls, as well as an annual purchase of a mobile machinery sticker. Out of state contractors may obtain registration for any period of less than twelve (12) months. All machinery brought into the state must be registered. Exemptions apply only to demonstrate the operation of equipment to prospective buyers, not to exceed a period of seven (7) calendar days

Temporary Registrations

The County Treasurer is allowed to issue temporary registrations on vehicles. These temporaries are different than the temporaries that dealerships issue and have specific requirements. The County Treasurer also issues Worker Temporaries for non-residents.


To be issued a temporary registration you must present evidence of the following:

  • Sales tax must be paid; and
  • Vehicle must have liability insurance
  • Properly executed title; or a notarized bill of sale displaying all of the following pieces of information:
  • The date the vehicle was purchased
  • The vehicle VIN
  • The vehicle Make
  • The vehicle Year
  • The party that sold the vehicle
  • The party that purchased the vehicle
  • Permit Length & Restrictions

County Treasurers are allowed to sell a 30, 60 or 90 day temporary registration. These registrations expire 30, 60, or 90 days from the purchase date of the vehicle, not the date the temporary was purchased.

Only 1 temporary registration may be issued to any vehicle in a 12 month period. Therefore, if any temporary is issued from the Treasurer’s Office, once it expires it cannot be extended and you must purchase a regular vehicle registration.

Vehicles with current or expired Wyoming registrations cannot obtain a temporary registration for their vehicles.

• Fees & Expiration

Temporaries cost a portion of the normal annual licensing fees, as follows:
30 day temporary 10% of yearly fee
60 day temporary 20% of yearly fee
90 day temporary 30% of yearly fee

If regular Wyoming license plates are purchased after the purchase of a temporary registration, they will expire a year from the temporary expiration date. For example, if you purchase a vehicle on April 15th and get a 30 day temporary, the temporary would expire on May 15th. When you then purchase regular license plates, the plates will expire in May of the following year.

In-Transit Permit

An In-transit permit may be purchased for $20 by an out-of-state resident who has obtained a vehicle from any person, other than a licensed Wyoming vehicle dealer, for the purpose of transporting the vehicle out of state. The one-time permit is good for 48 hours from the time of purchase.

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